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Welcome to my second Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet Sunday post! Continuing the story of Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms,skipping just a bit ahead so you can get a little more background on Mathew and Sarette’s relationship. (Sorry folks, who commented wishing for romance.) You missed meeting Mom, but you’ll learn more about her later. Sarette and Mathew just got into a little argument, and Mom told them to tell each other sorry, go and get coffee, then went to take a bath.



We sheepishly looked at each other and simultaneously said, “You’re sorry,” then raced toward each other yelling, “Jinx, pinch, poke! You owe me a Coke.”
I think between Mathew, Mom, Mama, and me, we owe ourselves around forty-eight kabillion or so Cokes, although my math might be off a bit.
I looked at Mathew’s stupid “I won” smirk, but I couldn’t stay mad at him and stuck my tongue out at him instead.
We’ve known each other our entire lives and my life story is woven into our shared experiences—good, bad, and indifferent— we share a bond that I suspect even real siblings don’t have together.
Our shared lives started on day one of our existence; looking into the nursery from the outside, our moms met while in the hospital on December 21, 1998.
Both were looking fondly at their newly-born babies lined up next to one another in little Plexiglas cribs—each of us wrapped in hospital-issued blue, white, and red-striped blankets.
I guess our moms bonded because they were both alone in the hospital, neither of our fathers stuck around and neither had any other family.
Both twenty-something single parents alone in every way until they found each other, instant best friends.
At the hospital, Mom invited Mama and Mathew to stay with us until they got on their feet; she had just inherited a large home from her parents in Adrian, Michigan and there was plenty of room for all of us.
We were practically raised as siblings and early on, we started calling Mathew’s mother “Mama” and my mother “Mom” to distinguish between the two.

No worries folks, romance is headed for both of them. I hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet! Let me know in the comments below!

Check back in next week for Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 3 of Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms!

But, if you can’t wait for next week…



Seventeen-year-old Sarette has always thought of her life as average, even a bit boring. She does well in school, has a loving mother and a loyal best friend, Mathew. Of course, she has her problems as well—cold Michigan winters, a long-lost father she knows nothing about, and the lack of a boyfriend. She also has the vague sensation that she is being watched by some unseen entity, but figures that means she’s average and crazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth . . .

Daearen isn’t much different than the human world.

Imagine a world where science is replaced with magic.


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33 Comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 2

  1. Aw, so nice to know family comes from helping each other. Great snippet, Emmy. 🙂

  2. Yay!!! I’m so glad you joined us. I really miss the meet my character blog hop. Great to back into this story. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I have it on my kindle, but I really need an audio copy. 🙂 🙂

  3. Love that the two lonely mothers formed an instant bond and these two have been together since birth. Can’t wait to read more about them. 🙂

  4. Love how you weaved in the backstory. ‘Sticking out her tongue at his smirking ‘I won’ face– love it.

    Don’t forget to check out Pinterest. I have a Snippet Sunday board there with out links. :)https://www.pinterest.com/karenmnutt/snippet-sunday-posts/

  5. This is good. You’ve got a lot of information you need to get out there and you’ve done it in a way that feels natural and flows well as prose.

  6. …sorry, I thought I left on comment (working from my tablet) but I don’t see it, ao I apologize in advance if I am just repeating myself.

    I like how it isn’t the blood in our veins that make a family. Very interesting backstory.

  7. I’m a sucker for friends falling for each other, but I’m fine with lifelong friendships too as long as they both end up in love with somebody! 😉 Really, really enjoyed this snippet!

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