Transformation Competition Tuesday ~ Week 3

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Two weeks down for the 12-week transformation competition on my coach, Jaco De Bruyn’s website. Yesterday was check-in day. My numbers were excellent considering I had two international flights with two kids by myself and a whirlwind three-day trip to the states over the course of the week. I was a bit worried because I tend to add weight when I’m up there. There’s just so many things, mostly food available that I can’t get in Costa Rica. But my willpower was strong! And I got the chance to workout in a real gym two out of the three days which is a real treat for me. My weight stayed the same, body fat went down, all movement with my measurements went in the right directions! It was a pretty good week last week!



(I wasn’t quite awake yesterday when I took my check in pics… LOL)


Starting this week, we are going to be tracking my Aesthetics Academy #fitbrother, Alex’s progress as well for the transformation competition!

Meet Alex!

Here is a little about me, my name Alejandro from Chicago, Illinois. I am first generation US citizen; both my parents are from Mexico. I have always been into fitness, but running has always been in my blood. I used to run 11 miles every other day, and would go to the gym and lift a few weights, but I always went back to running. Eventually I began to make friends who were into lifting and developed a passion for it myself.

Eating healthy came once I started to see my family having medical problems as a result of not eating right and being unhealthy. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Watching this has strengthened my resolve to change my path and hope I can change my family’s as well.

One of my goals is to keep pushing my limits and make it on the stage one day.


Running days ~       Check in pics 2-15


(I don’t think he’ll have any problem stepping on stage one day…)


Next week, I’ll let you know how week three went for Alex and me!

Have a great Tuesday and week everyone!



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