Transformation Competition Tuesday ~ There’s News

Happy Tuesday Y’all ~

This would have been the sixth week of the 12-week transformation competition on my coach, Jaco De Bruyn’s website. I uploaded my pictures, but unfortunately, I was the only female to do so. Same thing happened in the guys category, only one submission at the four-week mark. So I won! But the competition is no more. Bummed, but what do you do?

I decide it’s time to increase size and strength with bulking. No, I won’t be sitting around eating Girl Scout Cookies, even though there’s a case of them sitting in my home mocking me. I’m going to try cyclical lean bulking. The theory is that I will increase Kcal for an allotted amount of time, three weeks, or I gain a certain amount of predetermined weight, four pounds, then cut for two weeks and lose two or three. If everything works awesomely, I will have gained two pounds of muscle in five weeks. I think that’s a reasonable goal for a women my size and activity level.

I’ve been able to lose fat well, but increasing size and strength has been a struggle. I’m happy with a lot of me size wise and thrilled with the progress thus far, but my quads, hamstrings, and derriere need some serious work. As far as strength goes, I love how strong I am, but I haven’t gotten any stronger in a while, and my strength has decreased in a couple of areas. 🙁 I’m hoping the increased Kcal will help me over this plateau and excited to see what happens over the next five weeks.

Ran out of time to set up for full body check in pictures, these will have to do as my starting point.


front3-7 back3-7cropped side2-28&3-7backsmile3-7























Have a great Tuesday! & Happy Women’s Day!
~ emmy

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