Fateful Wish: Lupinski Clan 4

Edi has lived in the shadow of her father’s crime most of her life. After years of anguish, she made a wish that left her numb to the world. But not so numb to realize the danger she is in when her Alpha declares she will be his Mate for the Good of the Clan.

She flees to the top leaders of the Lupinski Clan to plead her case and to free her people from a tyrannical ruler. Long lost cousins, dark family secrets, and unknowingly meeting her meeting her fated mate complicates the situation.

Will she be able to find the help she needs or did she have it within her all along?

Included in...

Covet the Curves: A Collection of Voluptuous BBW Women

Women are incredibly magnificent creatures. They come in many shapes, sizes and all types of personalities. They can be called curvaceous, voluptuous, buxom and even pleasingly plump. But, however they’re described, one thing is for certain, this collection of sexy and sassy women will leave their men breathless.

Forget about the status quo and join in on the romance. The time has come to covet the curves.

Including stories by: Nicole Morgan, Emmy Gatrell, Carma Haley Shoemaker, Belle Maurice, Krista Ames, Aidy Award, Ann Anders, Sarah Grimm, Laurie Treacy, Molly Alvarado, Stephanie Morris, and Marie Mason