Cover Reveal ~ My Best Friend’s Fiance by Keren Hughes

Happy Thursday all ya’ll beautiful people! Today I’ve got something special for you, a cover reveal! Title: MY BEST FRIEND’S FIANCE. Author: KEREN HUGHES Release Date: MAY 30TH 2017   Blurb: The heart wants what it wants right? But what if it wants something it can never have? I’m in love, and it should feel[…]

My PRESENT To All Ya’ll For Mother’s Day!!!

For all you mamas, fitmoms, sweary moms, homeschooler moms, author moms, your kids are too smart and are going to make your life hell when they turn sixteen moms, moms whose kids dream of being Youtube pranksters, gamers, testers, and reactors, fur baby mamas, no baby mamas, grannies, aunties, sissies, single-daddies, papas, gramps and anyone[…]

Monday In Motion

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! I realized that I have never shared with you some amazing events I have coming up! Shame on me, because I would love to meet all of you one day and maybe, just maybe you might live around Phoenix, Denver, Nashville, Vancouver, or Huntsville. I’m going[…]

Titillating Tuesdays are back!

Mostly! LOL! Happy Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! Some of you may remember my ill-fated attempt at a book blog Meet My Character, started as a blog hop and exploded into something I couldn’t handle. Live and learn. But that doesn’t mean I can’t revitalize a thing or two. Yes! That’s right! I’m leaving almost[…]

Monday stuff…

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people!   First things first, my first newsletter comes out tomorrow. (yea!) I’m giving away something huge just for opening and checking it out. There’s still time to sign up! Click my new freaking sweet logo to sign up!   Don’t forget about my Baby Steps to[…]

Here’s what’s up!

Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! Some of you may know that I’ve been in a creative writing slump, not going to lie, it sucks. HOWEVER, I have been busy working my first newsletter that will be emailed on April 11th! If you haven’t subscribed, click on the booty!   If you subscribe, you’ll learn[…]

Forgiving Fate Cover Reveal!

Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! I’m so excited for today’s cover reveal for Forgiving Fate: Lupinski Clan 2! I have to give gigantic THANK YOUS to Kaila Ramos for the amazing cover design, Green Owl Photog. for the incredible shot, and Dylan Horsch for perfectly capturing Nate… And his twin Walt from Fate is[…]