The CORE of it!

Hey there Fitfriends! Happy Friday! On Workout Wednesday, I talked the most deceptive ab exercise and gave you a challenge to go along with it.   Did you take the challenge? That’s also an experiment. I didn’t mention that on Wednesday, whoops. My hypothesis is that if you Suck-It-Up every day, and add :05 seconds[…]

WW – the most DECEPTIVE Ab exercise out there…

Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!!! Last week I gave you a promise that I’d come up with my own standing abs workout. But you know what happened? Everything I was coming up with was basically the same as the two YouTube workouts I gave you last week. I haven’t been inspired to create[…]

Knowledge Bomb Drop: How to Read Food Labels!

Happy Friday Fitmamas, Papas, and Friends! We’ve gone over so many Baby Steps already; Goals, Water, Me Time, Exercise, No Fast Food, Food Rule, Vitamins, and Lemon Water and today it’s time to go back to school because I’ve got a lesson for you! I’m going to teach you… I’m sure there was an audible[…]

YES!!! You can work your Abs Standing UP!!!

Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!!! So I was asked by a dear friend of mine if there was a way to work her abs NOT laying down because it hurt her back. My answer, YES!!! In fact, I love a great standing ab workout. I’ve got some favorites that I’ll play on my[…]

Baby Step #8 First Thing’s First: Lemon Water

Happy Friday Fitmamas and Papas! I hope everything is going well for you! What did you think of last week’s post? Happy to say that as of Monday I was able to start watching my diet and working out again. My muscles are sore AF, but my energy, stamina, nutrition, and general well-being is slowly[…]

Good Morning Workout

Good Morning and Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! My life has been a bit crazy lately. I’ve started getting your next set of bodyweight workouts ready that will target your chest, back, and arms. But yesterday, I was talking to a friend who asked if I had an ab workout that’s easy on[…]

3, 2, 1… ABS BLAST!

Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! It’s time to put our ABS BLAST workout together! Who’s excited! All exercises ten reps! Be careful not to push against your head or neck with hands because you can hurt yourself!   Crunches – Begin by lying face up on the floor with knees bent feet flat[…]