Covet the Curves Blog Tour Stop!!!

      Covet the Curves A Collection of voluptuous, big and beautiful women and the men who love them. Women are incredibly magnificent creatures. They come in many shapes, sizes and all types of personalities. They can be called curvaceous, voluptuous, buxom and even pleasingly plump. But, however they’re described, one thing is for[…]

Back To School Charity Raffle & Blog Hop!

  Hello, blog hoppers! Welcome to our Back To School Charity Raffle and Blog Hop! We’ll be hopping this week to support a generous cause! Indie Authors Care and Amanda’s Book Nook For All Audiences is sponsoring this Charity event, and all proceeds will be going directly to The Internation Rescue Committee, specifically the education[…]

Fitness Folks Back-To-Basics Interview – Ed Paris & Savage in Gym

Happy Thursday all ya’ll beautiful people! Today I have an Fitness Folks Back-to-Basics Interview with Ed Paris, founder of the Savage in Gym Fitness Brand.   Who are you, when did you start in fitness, begin thinking of Savage In Gym Fitness Brand, and what exactly is it? I’m Ed Paris, I started six years[…]

Ask me ANYTHING! What’s it like having a spouse that travels for work?

Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! I’ve used Monday’s for random musings, but a question from an old friend about having a spouse that travels for work changed that for now. I’m open and honest about my experiences and give no nonsense answers. I’ve lived a different life than a lot of folks. Currently, I’m[…]

Coach Katie: Persistence, Passion, and Faith!

Good Morning and Happy Titillating Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! Today I have my first Fitness Folks: Back to the Basics Interview (5W’s) with Katie Rich! Katie and I have been Facebook friends for a while and I was so happy she agreed to be interviewed. She’s got one of the best positive outlooks on[…]

Monday Musings – Aroma Foundry Essential Oil Review

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! Today I’m doing something new… a product review! I received four oils; Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus in exchange for an honest review. So, let me start by saying… The oils are incredible! I used them in just about every way I could think[…]

My PRESENT To All Ya’ll For Mother’s Day!!!

For all you mamas, fitmoms, sweary moms, homeschooler moms, author moms, your kids are too smart and are going to make your life hell when they turn sixteen moms, moms whose kids dream of being Youtube pranksters, gamers, testers, and reactors, fur baby mamas, no baby mamas, grannies, aunties, sissies, single-daddies, papas, gramps and anyone[…]

Monday In Motion

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! I realized that I have never shared with you some amazing events I have coming up! Shame on me, because I would love to meet all of you one day and maybe, just maybe you might live around Phoenix, Denver, Nashville, Vancouver, or Huntsville. I’m going[…]