Fateful Wish: Lupinski Clan 4

Be careful of what you wish for…

Shifter Edi wanted to move on from the trauma of witnessing her father’s execution, but when her wish is granted, she becomes emotionless and numb to the world around her. That is, until her Alpha declares she will be his mate for the Good of the Clan.

Her Alpha is a danger to her and all of her shifter clan, so she frees Scotland to America, hoping to find help at the Lupinski Clan headquarters to free her pod from their tyrannical ruler and to save herself.

Along the way, she discovers dark family secrets, and realizes the Lupinskis are nothing like she expected. When she unknowingly meets her fated mate, an inept Djinn with a wishing problem shows up and reveals her wish not only suppressed her emotions, but also the power to save herself and her clan from their evil Alpha.

*Fateful Wish is part of the Lupinski Clan World, and can be read as a stand-alone; the one-page preface will catch you up.

*Warning: includes adult language, sexual situations, and is a fated mate series.