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FitFriday Update & Food!!!

Happy Fitfriday everyone!

So instead of a lesson today, I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to for the last five weeks.

If you remember, I was supposed to start a bodyweight 30-Day challenge. Well, after a couple of false starts, I decided enough was enough and went back to bodybuilding. Because honestly, I freaking love picking heavy shit up and putting it back down.

I created a five day split inspired several plans: Muscle and Fitness Hers: Bikini Competition Workout Plan, Muscle and Fitness Hers: 8 Moves to Build a Better, More Fit Butt. I also used my own: inner & outer thigh workouts, Fabulous Forearms (coming to Workout Wednesday soon), my favorite ab sequences, machine substitutions, all-by-myself substitutions, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I pretty much put all my favorite exercises together for a plan I love and kicks my ass. Win-Win.

I didn’t start my cardio until week two because I was expecting a certain amount of soreness. But after Leg day on Monday, there was zero hope for me to do any cardio for the week regardless. It took four days to stop grunting every time I moved and until Saturday to be pain-free. I even started out using lighter weights, about what I could lift a year ago because I know I’ve lost a lot of my strength. The illness I had over the summer, ‘breaking bone flu’ as the locals call it, wiped me out. It took two rounds of medicine and almost two months to feel better. I never got back to 100% when it came to lifting, and my strength didn’t just bounce back either. That was a bit depressing and probably one of the reasons I lost my drive.

But I’ve been increasing my weight just a little bit on every exercise every week, and I already feel stronger. I also have been mostly in the dark blue range… what a motivational ego boost that is!!! Whoop! I’m back, Bitches!


Weeks 1 & 2 #reprecap from Bodyspace.


Weeks 2 & 3 #reprecap from Bodyspace

Week 4 got complicated and I need to go down to 4 days. I still did every exercise, just moved things around a bit. Week 5, that I’m in the middle of, is also a 4 dayer. Just is what it is, I’m making it work.

One more picture… Week 1 & Week 5’s progress pics.


I’m ending today with a fitfamily food recipe!

Click the picture to download a PDF.


Happy Eating!

Making time…



Remember a month ago when I had all these high hopes of doing a 30-day challenge and whatever? Yeah, it so didn’t happen. I did a day, missed the next, did a day, missed the next, gave up which had been my MO for the last six months; I usually did better than a day or two. It was embarrassing, and I let myself down.

But, I finally got my ass back on the horse and my head in the game! The first week was rough! I was so sore! BUT! I felt awesome! Why may you ask? Because no matter what else was happening, I made time for exercise.

In other words, I started taking care of me again.

I love what Robin McGraw says her mother taught her.


That’s so true, right?

I can’t take care of my family, write, or build my online training program to the best of my ability IF I’m not the best I can be. Simple when you think about it. The kids are old enough and on school break so taking this me time was a little easier than it will when homeschool starts back up. Honestly, though, I’ll make it work. Whatever I got to do I’ll do to continue taking care of me.

When I had two kids in diapers and a husband that traveled for work, I realized that if I didn’t work out BEFORE everyone got up, there was little chance I would find time during the day or would be too exhausted if I did. I’ll probably do that when homeschool starts back up.

When you start treating exercise like you earned that time… because you have.

Like you deserve to be healthy and happy… because you do.

Like failure is not an option and you are a hop, skip, and a jump (literally when we get to HIIT) away from feeling like the Fitparent you are.

Like you’re doing this for YOU, but always have in the back of your head the kiddos are watching your good example, and that’s just a #truth.

Once you believe all these things, there will be no stopping you!

I need to drink more.

Happy FitFriday!

Last week I talked about the importance of realistic goal setting. I set some of my own; failed, succeeded, and started over. Sometimes its so freaking hard to start, right? But I did, and I’m proud to get back to health finally! I gave myself another new challenge this week and you should too! This week I’m going to…


I haven’t been getting anywhere near what I should be for the last couple of months and I know it has contributed to how crappy I’ve felt. So this week my old good habit came back into play, my trusty frozen water bottle sitting out on the stove and I take a drink every time I pass through the kitchen (which is a lot). It’s been working, it was pretty easy to slip back into the habit and I’m feeling better (and peeing way more) already!

If you’re starting your fitness journey now, this is how went about teaching myself to drink more water by creating the habit to do so.

I started with meals, and no, I still don’t drink water with my meals. I find it unpleasant to my palate. It’s weird but whatever, I’d suggest you drink it with meals if you like that kind of thing. I drank a glass immediately before my meal or while I was cooking. Back then, I would down it like I was chugging a beer. I just wasn’t a water drinker yet. But there was a duel purpose for drinking it then; it helped with weight loss. I had just had baby number two and had about 50 pounds to lose. My stomach was already a little full, soI didn’t eat as much. I stayed full longer and would know that if I did decide to eat something, I’d have to drink another cup of water. LOL. Sad but true.

To get the other 5 cups I was aiming for back then, quite often I’d drink Zero Calorie Vitamin Water or would infuse my own using my favorite Infuser Water Bottle.

I also would fill half of a reusable water bottle and freeze it, then fill the rest when I was taking the kids for a walk or had one in front of me if I was doing a workout video. I still do the freezing thing, only now it’s a reused milk gallon. I fill about ¾ up and freeze overnight, fill the rest and leave it on the stove all the time. I don’t even realize I’m drinking it half the time. I just grab it take a swig as I’m passing through. I also love these, perfect for long car trips and I’ll throw one in my shaker cup (minus the wire ball) to keep my intra-workout drink refreshing.

My whole thing is, find what tricks or new habit that will work for you. Hopefully, I got your wheels turning on how to incorporate more of it in your life! And here’s a little graphic to figure out how much you should be getting!




The trick to learning how to squat!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

Squats. So important, I’m not sure there’s a workout plan out there that doesn’t have them, but it’s so easy to do them wrong! I did for a long time until I learned a little trick I’m going to share with you today.

This is how most ‘squat instructions’ go…

  1. Stand straight with your head facing forward.
  2. Place your feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider. Extend your hands straight out in front of you to help keep your balance, or behind your head like a prisoner.
  3. Sit back and down like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair. Keep your head facing forward and don’t round your upper back instead let your lower back arch slightly as you descend.
  4. Lower down, so your thighs are as parallel to the floor, with your knees over your ankles. Press your weight back into your heels.
  5. Keep your core tight, and push through your heels to bring yourself back to the starting position.

Ready for the trick?

When you sit back like you’re sitting in a chair and your thighs are parallel with the floor, LIFT YOUR TOES!!!

Seriously, it’s that simple! By lifting your toes, you are moving your weight back onto your heels and its nearly impossible for your knees to go past your feet!

And there you have it, the trick to perfecting your squat!




FitFriday: Setting Goals

Happy FitFriday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I’ve got a confession; I haven’t been good for a while now. It started back with a family emergency back in July that stopped me from working out for almost three weeks. There was the six-week illness. The kids got behind in homeschool and that’s all me. My characters started talking to me again, and when that happens, I don’t stop writing unless someone makes me. Several other ‘life things’ that sent my schedule out of whack and I stopped taking care of me completely for the last two months. Not even occasional workouts, zero weighing of food, all of the things I know I need to do, just got cast aside. And I’m done with that.

I feel like crap, and need to take care of myself again, also I’m also supposed to have pictures taken in July, so I need to stop fucking around and get my shit together like now.

So I’m going back to the beginning and taking you with me! LOL! Today, I sat down and set some realistic goals for myself (I’ll tell you what they at the end of the post.)



It’s good to know where you’re going and once you know where you’re going, goals help guide you how to get there.

Think about it this way; you’re taking the family three states away for vacation. Do you just jump in the car and hope for the best? Or do you plan your route so you guys can fulfill your dream to see the biggest ball of yarn on the way? Make sense?

Now, you may be wondering why I say ‘realistic’ goals and not just goals?

Because if you’re like how I used to be, even the hint of failure will derail the process and who knows when you’ll get back to it. (Like what I’m going through right now.)

Here’s the deal, unless you are at an almost unhealthy body fat percentage you will not get six-pack abs in a month. If you are stuck at a desk all day and haven’t worked out in years, you won’t get that squat booty you’re dreaming about in 30 days either.

You might think I’m trashing all the 30-day challenges or plans out there; I’m not. In fact, I’m starting one on Monday to help motivate me. I’ll let you know how it goes!

This morning I picked five realistic goals for myself.

You should pick some goals too. Jot them down on a scrap of paper and put them where you’ll see every day. I put them in the drawer that has all my hair shit in it. When I open it and catch sight of my goals, it’s like a rush of empowerment, a little reminder to myself that I can do it. And I know I can!

I’ll let you know how it goes next FitFriday!




Back to the Basics Interview ~ Author Ava Wood

Happy Tuesday All Ya’ll Beautiful People!

I’ve got an awesome author interview today with Ava Wood today but first…

HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO ME! Whoop! Cords of Fate is Live!!! Have you picked up your copy yet? Click the picture to one-click now!


Time for an Awesome interview!!!


1. Who you are and what do you write?

Hey, I’m Ava Wood! I am a mom, wife, basketball enthusiast, photographer, and author. I have four fur babies (2 dachshunds, a corgi, and a Chihuahua mix).
I write Young Adult as well as Contemporary Romance (under the pseudonym Ava Lynn Wood), but everything I write evokes emotion. I try to write stories that make you think and make you feel.
I was raised in Texas, but moved to Florida a couple years back and would not change that decision for anything. I love the sand, the sea, and the natural springs around us! And I love that almost every day in sunny Florida is summer!

2. When did you start writing?

I began writing at 19, however my first manuscript is hidden in a dark corner among the dust bunnies and dog hair. I really buckled down with my writing, however, in 2004. It took me eight years, but I finally hammered out a manuscript I was proud of.
My manuscripts since haven’t taken me near as long and since 2013, I have published five books and a short story with two more novels coming before the end of the year!

3. Why did you start?

I started because there were characters in my head that demanded to have their voices heard. They kept me up at night. And they came to life on the pages of my novels.
The characters are still quite pushy, but I’ve learned how to tamp down their eagerness so I can get a few hours of sleep each night.

4. What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

I am motivated by the amazing people in the reader and author community. I’ve found some of the most amazing people and best friends because of my writing and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I always look forward to the next signing, to meet so many new, friendly faces! I believe that the reader/author community is one of the best out there!

5. Where can folks find you?


Ava has a book that’s FREE right now! Click the pic to learn more about it!!!

And each book in her the Broken by the Sea Trilogy is ONLY .99$ for a limited time!


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Back To School Charity Raffle & Blog Hop!


Hello, blog hoppers! Welcome to our Back To School Charity Raffle and Blog Hop!

We’ll be hopping this week to support a generous cause! Indie Authors Care and Amanda’s Book Nook
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We are hoping to raise at least $800. There are many ways we can spend this money. Option one is to
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So, you see, we can change the world together and ensure that these students around the world have all the tools they need to get a quality education in a safe environment with qualified teachers.
Tickets will be sold via Google Form to keep accurate records of all transactions.

No purchase necessary to participate, though odds of winning are greater when multiple tickets are
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Next stop on the tour Author K.L. Humphreys!!!

Have you lost your way? Find the entire Blog Tour Stop List here!

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Walt, Alpha of the Lupinski Clan, an international multi-shifter community, is everything you’d expect an alpha to be. Tall, sexy, smug, confident, and covered in mouthwatering tattoos. He’s determined to change the way things have always been and bring his clan into the future. He can’t afford any distractions.

Andy’s perfectly comfortable in her relationship of convenience, until the day she comes home early. Driving away with no destination in mind to think, she finds a group of hot, sexy men in a bar, in the middle of nowhere. It felt like she belonged. Like, family. Up until the owner, Walt, walks in.

What unfolds will change everything for the better or destroy two families for good.





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Melanie Cryder and her daughter Samantha have lived full but lonely lives since their mates, Graham and Abe Lupinski, left them because an ancient shifter law forbade them from being together. They’ve tried to keep Samantha’s daughter, Andy, away from them to prevent her from suffering the same fate.

Unfortunately, Andy is driving aimlessly to heal her heartbreak and clear her thoughts. She will eventually make it home to them, she always does. This time, however, the Lupinski’s are on the road between them, and they have a nasty habit of getting lost and ending up in Walt’s Bar parking lot.

They know they have to rescue her, but will they make it in time?

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Nate Lupinski relinquished his right of becoming the next Alpha of his international multi-shifter clan to pursue his dream of opening a production studio. It’s become one of the fastest-growing production companies in the south, and he couldn’t have done it without Sydney, a human and his fated mate who can never find out about shifters or could suffer a fate worse than death.

After three years of working her dream job as a Production Coordinator, Sydney Gray is ready to move on. Her undeniable attraction to her boss, Nate Lupinski and her body’s betrayal anytime he is near was enough to drive her mad, but his constant flaunting of conquests has broken her heart too many times to count, and she just can’t do it anymore.

Just as everything is changing for the Lupinski Clan with the abolishment of the Good of the Clan law, Sydney has decided to leave it all behind. She decided to do one more gig for the company; that’s Nate’s last chance to convince her to stay. Will it be enough time for Nate to change her mind, or will it be too late?









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