Titillating Tuesday Author Interview with Sam T. Willis

Welcome to another Titillating Tuesday Back the Basics Author Interview all ya’ll beautiful people! Meet Sam T. Willis! Who you are and what do you write? Howdy, my name is Sam T Willis.  I write Thrillers for the most part, ranging from the Action/Adventure to the Suspense/Conspiracy side of the genre.  I have two novellas,[…]

My PRESENT To All Ya’ll For Mother’s Day!!!

For all you mamas, fitmoms, sweary moms, homeschooler moms, author moms, your kids are too smart and are going to make your life hell when they turn sixteen moms, moms whose kids dream of being Youtube pranksters, gamers, testers, and reactors, fur baby mamas, no baby mamas, grannies, aunties, sissies, single-daddies, papas, gramps and anyone[…]

Forgiving Fate Cover Reveal!

Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people! I’m so excited for today’s cover reveal for Forgiving Fate: Lupinski Clan 2! I have to give gigantic THANK YOUS to Kaila Ramos for the amazing cover design, Green Owl Photog. for the incredible shot, and Dylan Horsch for perfectly capturing Nate… And his twin Walt from Fate is[…]

Happy Release Day To ME!!!

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!! Fate is a Mated Bitch (Lupinski Clan Book 1) released today! I’m so excited! But it wouldn’t have all come together without some folks. I have to give gigantic THANK YOUS to give! My hubby and kids who put up[…]

Thursday Tease

Good morning and happy Thursday Tease all ya’ll beautiful people! I’ve got a couple more teasers for Fate is a Mated Bitch releasing November 8th that I made and link to check out the naughty one… Not bad, huh? So that you know, I’m going to be having a big giveaway next week starting Tuesday[…]

Teaser Tuesday ~ Fate is a Mated Bitch

Good morning and Happy Teaser Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! OMFG! THERE’S ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL FATE IS A MATED BITCH RELEASES!!! (Calm down Emmy… deep breath… clears throat) But I’m not excited or anything… bawhahahahahaha! Just kidding! I’m SO freaking excited! As promised I have a couple more teasers for you! But first, the[…]

Meet My Character Monday ~ Marge & Phillip

Happy Monday all ya’ll! This week you are going to learn a little about Marge and Phillip. They are the first mated pair I’ve introduced you to, and most of their story happens well before Meanmna begins. I love their story so much; I might write it one day.       Where does their[…]

Meet My Character Monday ~ Nora

Happy Monday ya’ll! Today on Meet My Character Monday, this week you are going to learn a little about Nora!     Name: Nora of the Water Fey Age: 20 Height: 5’8” Weight: 145 lbs Hair color: Black and red Eye color: Green Distinctive Characteristics: Realm: Hasani Magic: Water Status: Falling for Mathew – the[…]