Baby Step #3 to Become a Fitmom ~ Make Time!!!

  Good Morning and Happy Friday Fitmamas & Fitpapas! We are already to the third baby step to becoming a Fitmom! Let’s see we’ve gone over setting goals and drinking more water. You know what’s coming next! Baby step number three is… You probably noticed I said ‘make time’ and not just ‘exercise.’ Because it’s[…]

#Fitmom Friday ~ Baby Step #2

Good Morning and Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people!   Welcome to week two of Baby Steps to becoming a #fitmom! Last week we covered the importance of realistic goal setting, if you need to catch up click, I want to start being awesomer from the beginning! Are you ready for Baby Step #2? It’s[…]

#Fitmom Friday ~ Baby Step #1

Good Morning and Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people! I am so excited to start sharing with you how I went about losing 100lbs but more importantly changed my life forever. I took my time, wasn’t consumed with an all or nothing plan, waited until something that is ‘good’ for me to become a habit[…]

Monday stuff…

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people!   First things first, my first newsletter comes out tomorrow. (yea!) I’m giving away something huge just for opening and checking it out. There’s still time to sign up! Click my new freaking sweet logo to sign up!   Don’t forget about my Baby Steps to[…]

#fitmom Friday

Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people! My first newsletter comes out on Tuesday! Have you signed up yet? There’s going to be a special giveaway… click the picture to sign-up today!   Only one week until Baby Steps to Becoming a #fitmom & #fitfamily kicks off on April 14th! Let me say; I’m so freaking[…]