Workout Wednesday ~ Chest, Triceps, and Abs

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! Me, okay. I’m still progressing towards my goals, but my schedule has been off, and some of my workouts have been less than crushing. That’s okay. Today is a new day, and the only thing that matters is what I do next. That[…]

Workout Wednesday ~ Shoulders, Forearms, & Abs Cardio

  Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! I want to take a second before I get into this week’s workout to talk about the importance of listening to your body. Not when it says, “It’s okay to eat a dozen cupcakes.” LOL But when you feel something funky, take it easy before the funky[…]

Transformation Tuesday… Uh, I mean, Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! I meant to post this yesterday for Transformation Tuesday, but it’s been about six weeks since I’ve posted, so what’s one more day right? The last time I checked in I had just finished a two-week cut with pretty good results. Well, all three of my lean bulk cycles[…]