July 5, 2016

The Daearen Realms

The Daearen Realms series is a six part journey into different realms, each with a different POV for the main characters challenging the dark forces and striving to save Daearen in the first three books – Meanmna, Bienn-Thiene, and Eitilen.

The fey and humans struggle to find themselves and chase love as much as villains in a sweet young adult (YA) action packed fantasy romances.

Meanmna: [mee-an-mah] 1. Spirit 2. Courage 3. Meddlesome

Origin: Scottish Gaelic


Bienn-Theine: [ben]-[thee-in] 1. Volcano 2. Mountain

Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Eitlean: [et-ah-leen] 1. Air 2. Aeroplane

Origin: Irish Gaelic