Welcome to the first ever MEET MY CHARACTER MONDAY BLOG HOP!!!! I’m so excited! This week I’m going to introduce you to Elwin, my favorite knight in an over washed Phish tee-shirt from Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms.


1) What is the name of your character? Is he fictional or a historic person?

Elwin, and he is totally made up. I have to give credit to my hubbie though for coming up with his kick-ass name… Thanks honey!

2) When and where do we meet him in the story?

The first glimpse of Elwin is when he surprises/scares Sarette and she faints. You really “see” him when he meets Sarette in her dream right after.


3) What should we know about him?

Elwin is Sarette’s body guard and knight. There is an insane amount of attraction between them but he’s holding back… mostly.



4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

He’s told the fate he wants he can’t have; but, he’s willing to sacrifice his happiness for everyone else.


5) What is the personal goal of the character?

To protect Sarette, to him nothing else matters.


6) Name of the book and where can we find it? Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms and it’s available on Amazon and Smashwords.


7) When can we expect the next book to be published?

Bienn-Theine: Book Two of the Daearen Realms is available now at Amazon, and I am hoping for a December release of Eitlean: Book Three of the Daearen Realms.



Thank you so much for joining me! I hope you enjoyed meeting Mathew! Check back next week for another Meet my Character Monday! Check out the other fabulous authors #MMCMBH posts!

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  1. Was reading a bit on my iPad. Glad I discovered your post. Will surely try to get in touch on Google+ tomorrow when I return to my desk.

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