Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 4

Welcome to my fourth Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet Sunday post! If you missed any of the previous posts, you can catch up on my Meanmna ~ #8Sunday page. This week’s snippet takes place almost immediately after last week’s.

What you missed: Sarette has described her town of Adrian, Michigan as a beautiful old two-college town with broad sidewalks, small shops, and a never-ending supply of small town gossip as she has been looking for a parking space close to the bookstore where she buys her candles. They help her feel like she’s in a protective bubble, away from whatever lately has been making her feel…



“There’s one,” I shouted as I turned onto a side street and saw a space.
“It’s official; I’m going crazy.
Talking to myself has got to be one step closer to crazy land.”
I paused, “And now I’m talking to myself about talking to myself!
Maybe there’s a magic candle to ward off the crazies.”
Muttering to myself as I pulled into the spot, I heard a slight laugh behind and to the right of me.
I threw my car into park and spun around, half expecting someone to be there.
Seeing no one, tears sprang to my eyes, “And now I’m hearing things; maybe I am going crazy.”
At least, I thought I heard something, but I definitely felt the melancholy that must precede losing one’s grip on reality.
I blinked the tears away, checked my reflection in the mirror, and got out.


Poor Sarette, she has no idea how crazy her life is about to become…

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But, if you can’t wait for next week…



Seventeen-year-old Sarette has always thought of her life as average, even a bit boring. She does well in school, has a loving mother and a loyal best friend, Mathew. Of course, she has her problems as well—cold Michigan winters, a long-lost father she knows nothing about, and the lack of a boyfriend. She also has the vague sensation that she is being watched by some unseen entity, but figures that means she’s average and crazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth . . .

Daearen isn’t much different than the human world.

Imagine a world where science is replaced with magic.




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