Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 4

Welcome to my fourth Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet Sunday post! If you missed any of the previous posts, you can catch up on my Meanmna ~ #8Sunday page. This week’s snippet takes place almost immediately after last week’s.

What you missed: Sarette has described her town of Adrian, Michigan as a beautiful old two-college town with broad sidewalks, small shops, and a never-ending supply of small town gossip as she has been looking for a parking space close to the bookstore where she buys her candles. They help her feel like she’s in a protective bubble, away from whatever lately has been making her feel…



“There’s one,” I shouted as I turned onto a side street and saw a space.
“It’s official; I’m going crazy.
Talking to myself has got to be one step closer to crazy land.”
I paused, “And now I’m talking to myself about talking to myself!
Maybe there’s a magic candle to ward off the crazies.”
Muttering to myself as I pulled into the spot, I heard a slight laugh behind and to the right of me.
I threw my car into park and spun around, half expecting someone to be there.
Seeing no one, tears sprang to my eyes, “And now I’m hearing things; maybe I am going crazy.”
At least, I thought I heard something, but I definitely felt the melancholy that must precede losing one’s grip on reality.
I blinked the tears away, checked my reflection in the mirror, and got out.


Poor Sarette, she has no idea how crazy her life is about to become…

I hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet! Let me know in the comments below!

Check back in next week for Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 5 of Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms!

But, if you can’t wait for next week…



Seventeen-year-old Sarette has always thought of her life as average, even a bit boring. She does well in school, has a loving mother and a loyal best friend, Mathew. Of course, she has her problems as well—cold Michigan winters, a long-lost father she knows nothing about, and the lack of a boyfriend. She also has the vague sensation that she is being watched by some unseen entity, but figures that means she’s average and crazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth . . .

Daearen isn’t much different than the human world.

Imagine a world where science is replaced with magic.




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27 Comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 4

  1. Great scene. I especially love hearing something and then no one was there.

    (But for the record, I talk to myself and answer myself. I carry on full conversations with myself. I wasn’t worried until I had to start asking myself to repeat what I just said… )

  2. “…behind and to the right of me.” Maybe she is schizophrenic–hearing a voice behind the ear-what sounds like an external voice.

    Good excerpt, Emmy. 🙂

  3. Sadly, we are the wrong audience to feel the full extent of her horror. I suspect most writers have full on conversations with themselves, often. I do

  4. I do this all the time, and at least I portray myself as sane in public. 😉 Great snippet, Emmy.

  5. Great snippet. I, too, talk to myself, but so far I’m not hearing voices. I hope her life doesn’t get too out of sorts for her.

  6. What’s wrong with talking to oneself? I do it all the time! Hell, I answer myself. Or maybe that’s me talking with my characters as well… Poor girl though, she doesn’t know what’s going on. This book really sounds interesting, I’m liking it. Great snippet!

  7. I do love this premise especially because, I admit freely, I believe in the possibilities of “unseen entities” all around us.So much fun to “listen in” to her conversation with herself. Great snippet.

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  9. She sounds so stressed. I’m sure she really need that protective bubble but maybe even more someone to talk to about mundane things. But somehow I think she was talking to someone there, someone or something that she couldn’t see with her eyes but that she could feel in a different way. It happens sometimes.

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