Three weeks of bulking down…

…and I think one more to go.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope ya’ll had a great week! The diet change has gone well! I’ve barely noticed the reduction of carbs, all of my workouts have been crushed, a1nd I’ve had no side effects except for one. It might be working a little too well.

Last week I was supposed to stay at the same kcal as the week before and ride the bulking wave until I gained four pounds. Well, I weighed myself on Wednesday, discovered I had lost a pound, and freaked out. After contacting the Aesthetics Academy’s Nutritional Ninja, we decided to increase kcal by another hundred.

And I blew up like a balloon. I know it’s mostly water, and I had it almost under control until I made ham for Easter Dinner on Sunday. I’m sad; ham is my favorite, but man does it make me retain water like a water balloon. You’ll see it in the pictures below. I just can’t eat it anymore not even for a treat. Oh, well. Live and learn. I’d rather not have swollen ankles.

Sunday we’ll see where I am and make a decision then about whether or not to go another week. But I think I’ll be close to my goal. Fingers crossed.

Stray thought: I’m thinking about starting Foodie Friday’s. I have hundred’s of delicious recipes I can share. As well as drop some nutrition knowledge bombs on you. Maybe little changes that make a big difference tips. Now I’m brainstorming. LOL Let me know what you think!


Have a great day and week ya’ll!

~ emmy





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