Transformation Tuesday ~ Bulking makes me sad…

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

I am one week into my cyclical lean bulk, and I’ve already gained a pound and a half toward my four-pound goal. I’m not going to lie and say it’s all flowers and rainbow-farting unicorns. This is hard. Mentally mostly. Sure eating more food is awesome! Watching all my lines disappear within days is so not awesome. And it’s messing with me a little. Thank goodness this is only a three-week bulk.

But on the other side of the spectrum, I had some killer workouts in the last week. My strength has increased, energy has improved, my focus in all aspects of life has been better, and if this works and I do add an entire pound of muscle in five weeks, it’ll all be worth it.

So as hard as it is to post pictures while feeling like a big poof ball here you go! This is what a pound and a half on a five-foot-four frame looks like.


Y’all have a fabulous Tuesday!!!

Check back in next week for even more puffy pictures! LOL


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