Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet 7

Welcome to my seventh Weekend Writing Warriors ~ Snippet Sunday post! If you missed any of the previous posts, you can catch up on my Meanmna ~ #8Sunday page. I am skipping ahead a couple of paragraphs from last week’s snippet.


What you missed: Sarette described the little girl as around five, strawberry-haired, big green eyes, and pink cheeks.


, since they are very rare and are indigenous to the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa. Thanks, Mom the geologist. I feel smart.

Amethyst Spirit Crystal

The little girl is wearing a silver band on her forehead that looked like a crown and was holding a clear wand with an amethyst spirit crystal on the end.

Amethyst Spirit Crystal: Sarette recognizes it because her mom is a geologist and is surprised a kid has one since they are very rare and are indigenous to the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa and feels smart because she knows that. 🙂

Celine, the shop owner, joins them only a minute later.

“Paige …” Celine walked through a beaded curtain from the back room, then stopped, her eyes widening when she saw the little girl she then turned to me and said, “I see you met my . . . um . . . niece . . . Paige.”

Breaking the totally strange silence that descended, I walked to Paige with my hand out, “Hi, Paige. I’m Sarette.”

She looked at my hand like she had no idea what to do with it; that’s when I noticed the blood, “Oh, shoot! I cut my hand on the crystal.”

I grabbed a tissue from the Kleenex box when the bell on the door rang and I glanced at the mirror behind the counter; the door slowly swung open and then shut, but no one was there.

“Got anything to keep me from losing the rest of my mind,” I asked Celine.

She was staring with a frown on her face at something behind me and to my right, after a moment she smiled and gently patted me on the arm, “Oh, sweetheart that’s an old door; you’re not going crazy. So, why are you here besides the coo-coo candle?”

“Is there a coo-coo candle?”

That half-laugh—more of a snicker—sounded behind me again.

This time, I pretended I didn’t hear it; no need to alienate anyone else with my crazy weirdness.


Poor Sarette, she has no idea what crazy weirdness is heading her way…

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Seventeen-year-old Sarette has always thought of her life as average, even a bit boring. She does well in school, has a loving mother and a loyal best friend, Mathew. Of course, she has her problems as well—cold Michigan winters, a long-lost father she knows nothing about, and the lack of a boyfriend. She also has the vague sensation that she is being watched by some unseen entity, but figures that means she’s average and crazy.

Nothing could be further from the truth . . .

Daearen isn’t much different than the human world.

Imagine a world where science is replaced with magic.




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