Cyclical Lean Bulk results are in…

…and I’m so happy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

My first cyclical lean bulk cycle is complete, and it was…a success!!! Yea! I’m up two and a half pounds from when I started, not all of that is muscle, but I am so happy with my results based on the pictures, I don’t care! Truth be told, I probably could have cut for another week, but my body fat percentage is pretty low, too low and I’m okay with adding a little fat back into my body, slowly. Who knows, maybe I’ll get my boobs back. LOL – No seriously, if anyone has any suggestions on targeted fat gain, I’m all ears.

Also, I should note that the body fat percentage you see in the chart is not accurate, I’m probably up another couple maybe more percentage points then that. I do a seven-point skin fold test weekly using a digital fat caliper which is an estimation. Regardless of its absolute accuracy, it’s a good way for me to keep track and pay attention to what’s happening with my body. When I’m back in the States, I’m planning on having a DEXA scan done. It is one of the most accurate tests available for body fat percentage, but it does more than that. DEXA stands for “dual energy X-ray absorptiometry” and it measures fat, lean muscle, and bone. Not exactly sure when I’ll have it done since I’m going back into a bulk and the timing might not be right the next time I’ll be there. I’ll check with my coach, Jaco De Bruyn and the Aesthetics Academy‘s Nutritional Ninja, Mark Covey-Fox to see what they think and go from there.

But enough about that stuff, here are my results!



Pictures on left taken March 3rd, 2016 – Pictures on the right taken April 17th, 2016






Forgot to do a side pic during check in. Picture on right taken a day earlier then the other right side pictures.


That’s it for this week! Have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week ya’ll!



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