Transformation Tuesday ~ Back to Bulking

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

Sorry for the late post. I have two kids sick and my WIP is flowing, so I’m a bit behind this time. For the last week, I went back to bulking. Not as uncomfortable as the first time. Don’t get me wrong, watching your definition fade away still sucks, but like my first cyclical lean bulk cycle, it’ll be worth it in the end.

This week’s check in was excellent. I went up 150 calories versus the 100 I did last time. I gained only a pound unlike the two and a half pounds the first time. But get this, my body fat went down! That is awesome!

We will see how this week goes. I went up by another 150 calories again. Feeling a little poofy, but it’ll be all good!
Pictures this week are comparing my first week of bulking last cycle and this week. I was a little leaner the first time, but my muscles are bigger this time. So yea!


front3-15&4-24 back3-15&4-24


Have a wonderful Tuesday and week ya’ll!

~ emmy




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