Do I have abs yet?


One week of cutting and I’m already asking…


No… BUT they’re starting to show a little!!!


Happy Transformation Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I’ve got one week of cutting down, a little less than five to go, and I’m feeling pretty darn good about it. The beginning of last week was a bit rough for my nutrition. I had cut about four hundred calories from my diet and changed my macro ratios which made meal planning a bit tricky. Plus, I was starving! But I knew that would pass and my body’s getting used to my new portion sizes and fuel schedule, so it’s much better now.

The same initial water weight gain happened this time just like every other time I’ve cut. Only it felt more drastic because I was about seven pounds heavier than my ‘normal’ weight and ended up over a hundred and thirty. I know that’s not heavy. I know that’s not a big deal. It was the swollen ankles and ill-fitting clothes, on top of being hangry (hungry and angry) that made it feel like a big deal. But a couple of days ago the water weight went away, and I’m down four pounds from check-in day!

Totally digging the workout plan I’ve put together. It needs some tweaking, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Couldn’t duplicate the angle but you can still see the difference a week makes…


Check in tomorrow for Workout Wednesday!

Have a great Tuesday!

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