#Fitmom Friday ~ Baby Step #1

Good Morning and Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I am so excited to start sharing with you how I went about losing 100lbs but more importantly changed my life forever. I took my time, wasn’t consumed with an all or nothing plan, waited until something that is ‘good’ for me to become a habit and then learned the next ‘good’ thing. Just like I’m going to walk you through the process!

Are you ready?

#1 Baby Step: Set Realistic Goals

… like now, okay not now now, but when you’re done reading. LOL!

Let’s start at the beginning.

Why set goals?

Because it’s always good to know where you’re going and once you know where you’re going, goals help guide you on how to get there.

Think about it this way; you’re taking the family three states away for vacation. Do you just jump in the car and hope for the best? Or do you plan your route so you guys can fulfill your dream to see the biggest ball of yarn on the way? Make sense?

Now, you may be wondering why I say ‘realistic’ goals and not just goals?

Because if you’re like how I used to be, even the hint of failure will derail the process and who knows when you’ll get back to it.

Here’s the deal, unless you are at a very low almost unhealthy body fat percentage you will not get six-pack abs in a month. If you are stuck at a desk all day and haven’t worked out in years, you won’t get that squat booty you’re dreaming about in 30 days either.
You might think I’m trashing all the 30-day challenges or plans out there; I’m not. There are good reasons and a place for them in fitness; I just wish they said something like; “Develop the Habit you need to get that squat booty or abs you’ve always wanted!” But that sounds way less cool than 30 days to six-pack abs.

I lost 100lbs eight years ago, have been seriously bodybuilding and macro tracking for 2 1/2 years… and I don’t look like that. Just not possible.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

This week you have homework. I want you to set three realistic goals for yourself.

One week…
One month…
One year…

Your goal this week could be; telling yourself, you are beautiful in the mirror once a day or drinking more water. Waking up five minutes earlier because you know, or you soon will, that you’ll be waking up and doing a little workout. But you pick something, anything for one week.

Then pick a goal for one month from now. Could be the same goals as before, or it could be something like dedicating yourself to this program.

Now for the big one! What to you want to accomplish in the next year? Be healthier, set a good example for your kids, learn to love yourself more, make healthy meals most days of the week, how to order at a fast food place and not look on with envy at what your family is eating. Whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT!

Now that you’ve picked your goals write them down. Jot them down on a scrap of paper. Now here’s the kicker. Put them somewhere you’ll see every day. Not necessarily on your fridge or bedroom mirror. I had better luck when I put them somewhere out of the way, like the drawer that had all my hair shit in it. When I opened that drawer, and eye caught my goals, it was like a rush of empowerment, a little reminder to myself that I could do it. It’s up to you!

Did you write them down?
Are you feeling empowered yet? Because you are awesome and should, period.

I’d love to hear what goals you’ve set! Comment below! Everyone who comments will win something at the check-in points, the first one is next week, and there’s going to be a major prize you could win at the end of the year!

That’s it for this week!
Next week I’ll be talking good ole’ H2O.
Love all ya’ll beautiful people!


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9 Comments on “#Fitmom Friday ~ Baby Step #1

  1. I am going to drink more water daily and put aside ten extra minutes to start with in the mornings

    For month goal I want to be able to cut most white stuff out if my diet for now and make it to 30 min workouts

    One year I want to be able to have lost 55 lbs at least. And keep it off

    Hope that’s not to unrealistic!

    • Those are great goals! I would hesitate on putting a hard number on weight loss. It’s entirely possibly and possibly probable that you meet that goal! You will start losing soon, but you’ll be adding some muscle too! I don’t doubt at all about reaching any of your goals, just phrase it in a way to always be a winner!

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  3. I just need to stick to my goals because I make them all the time then I broke them before the deadline lol. I’ll be working on that.

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