Transformation Tuesday ~ the Results!

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

For the last twelve weeks, starting at the first of the year, I have been participating in the #250kchallenge on sponsored by Optimum Nutrition!

I am very proud of my progress! Although, I wish I had listened to my gut when it came to nutrition. I noticed minor changes in my physique over the course of the contest, I was worried. People always say carb cycle. But that hasn’t worked well for me in the past. But what has worked in the most was dropping carbs on non-leg days (I did three a week) by 15g, and the fluff started melting off. Oh well, I now know what works for me in a cut! I’ll be prepared next time! LOL!

I created my workout plan for the challenge. It came in three parts. I enjoyed it so much! Anything I didn’t like I switched until each and every workout was the best I could make it. I’m going to start sharing my workouts from the challenge on Wednesdays. Be prepared to work your ass off!

I did weigh myself but did not take starting measurements. Sometimes they mess with my head, the minor changes that could just be water or pump. As it turned out, not doing them at all also messed with me, LOL. So, for my next cycle I’m going to take starting measurements but only check either every two weeks or four. I haven’t decided yet. But enough about what I’m doing next! Ready to see what I could do?



I know I could’ve cut more but took too long figuring it out. Next time!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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