Workout Wednesday ~ In the beginning…

…there was warming up and stretching! LOL!


Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

Today I want to take a minute to talk about your pre-workout routine before I get into the program I developed for the #250kchallenge in two weeks.

Your pre-workout routine; warming-up and pre-stretching are as important as the workout itself. Honestly, it’s pretty simple…

Without warming up and stretching, injuries are more likely to occur, AND you are not going to get everything out, that you put into your workout.

With warming up, you are elevating your heart rate, and getting your joints, tendons, and ligaments ready to work as well as help get you mentally ready for what’s to come.

Before any workout, including walking down the street, you should warm up and do some dynamic (a constantly moving stretch, for example, swing arms in front of you or side to side) stretch.

I’ve been doing the same warm-up since I started bodybuilding, it works for me.

Jumping Jacks

Jog In Place

Slowish High Knees- (not the speed of a turtle but not as fast as “jogging”)

Hip Flexors – Lift knee in front of you (like with the high knees), move it to the side (so you look like a ballerina) set down then reverse the movement (up to the side and then front down). Switch legs and repeat.

You may have noticed that I didn’t include times. You’ll want to eventually get to 1 minute Jumping Jacks, 2 minutes of jogging, 1 minute of high knees, 1 minute of hip flexors.

When I first started this is what I did until I could get to those times.

:30 Walk in Place slowly gaining speed
:30 Jog
:30 Jacks
:30 SHK
:30 HF
:30 Jog
:30 Jacks
:30 SHK
:30 HF
:30 Jog

Do what works for you!

As far as stretching, whatever you are working on that day, pick a couple of moves and do them for thirty seconds each.

A big thank you to Man vs. Weight for giving me permission to post the link to their Dynamic Stretching list. It’s the most complete list I’ve found! So check them out and see what will work for you!

Dynamic Stretching Exercises for Flexibility and Warming Up

Next week I’m going to talk about stretching DURING your workout as well as what to do after… besides taking a selfie. LOL! (Which I feel is actually important but I’ll talk about that another day.)

Have a wonderful Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!





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