Drop it like it’s Hot… Inner Thigh & Booty Workout!!!

Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I’ve got something exciting planned for you today! We are going to be using the last two workouts we’ve gone over as one giant set for a killer inner thigh and booty workout!

Since I have special love for my mamas just now getting back into fitness, I’ve included a calendar to get ready for my first challenge next month!

Yep! Set June aside for an ab and booty challenge! Prizes and rules will be announced later!

So here we go!!!!

Drop It Like It’s Hot Inner Thigh & Booty Workout!!!

No rest between exercises! Work up to 10 reps each for 2 sets and 1 minute rest in between!

Start by walking and then move into a slow shuffle jog for about 30-60 seconds to warm up! And then…


Start on your back…




Right Lying…






Repeat on Left Side


Repeat V’s


Get On All Fours (your hands and knees) & Start With Your Right Leg…




Repeat With Left Leg

REST 1 Minute & Repeat!

It looks like a crazy crap load of work, but once you’re up to 10 reps for each exercises it’ll only take 6 minutes for one set!

With a minute rest in between sets, we’re talking a 13 minute adductor, abductor, and glute workout that will leave you burning! And it’ll help with lifting your booty and defining your thighs!

I’m going to start going over the ab part my June challenge next week!

Here is the Back Into Fitness Calendar! Just click the pic to download and print off the PDF! (YES!!! I FIGURED IT OUT WHOOP!)

That’s it for this week!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!





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