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Happy Friday FitMamas and Papas!

Today’s Baby Step is a bit of a contradiction of last week’s when I said that you should never eat at a fast food restaurant unless you will lose your freaking mind, absolutely necessary, which I still stand by. Today’s step has to do with eating at regular restaurants, places where you know that they’re making most of the food fresh. I don’t mean a high-end crazy expensive all organic, gluten, lactose, nut free, and free range restaurant (unless that’s your thing) but just a local place that cooks food as ordered.
Okay, now that we’ve gone over the kind of restaurant,


Baby Step #6 is



Let me explain, regardless of how little or often you go out to eat, dedicate yourself to chose something from the healthy options menu or something with a little heart next to it UNLESS they have the one thing that you almost never see but have to have when you do.

My thing? Freshly made on the premises blue cheese dressing. That was it, that my one item. When I saw it listed on the menu, I’d ask the server to confirm that it was, in fact, in-house made and not something that came in a bag and was called homemade. Then I’d order a large steak salad minus cheese, croutons, or anything fried, and eat the crap out of it.

So think about it. What’s your one thing? Now don’t pick something that’s common like chocolate cake or store bought ice cream. It should be something special, something that only comes along once in a while. Or if it’s not that obscure, like blue cheese dressing give it a justification as well, like must be made fresh daily. It can be anything!!!

Have you figured out your one thing?

Comment below your One Fun Food Rule and the best one will win a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card!

That’s it for this week! Next week we’re talking Vitamins!


2 Comments on “Pick a FUN Food Rule!!!

  1. Not really sure about a one thing but when I was traveling for work I saw a shrimp cocktail but was more of a salad and was thrilled when asked that it was light with lime cabbage, avocado and cocktail sauce. Felt like I was splurging 🙂

    • Sounds so yummy!!!! And don’t you love that? I’ve got some healthy but splurging feeling recipes coming up in a couple of weeks!

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