YES!!! You can work your Abs Standing UP!!!

Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!!!

So I was asked by a dear friend of mine if there was a way to work her abs NOT laying down because it hurt her back. My answer, YES!!! In fact, I love a great standing ab workout. I’ve got some favorites that I’ll play on my iPad prop it up against the TV and get a little workout in while I’m watching TV with the family at night. And when I really thought about it, I’ve NEVER designed one on my own! Crazy!

I’ve started working on one, but it’s not ready for you yet. So this week I’m going to share my two most favorite Standing Ab Videos! Both are body weight only, harder than they look, and you’ll definitely feel it tomorrow! LOL!


My most favorite, favorite, favorite, ab workout of all time!!! (I actually contacted Jennifer Galardi when it disappeared from the interwebs and went a little fan girl when she wrote me back… lol)



I adore this one too!

Next week I’ll share my own Standing Ab workout! Have a great one!


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