Cover Reveal!!! Cords of Fate: Lupinski Clan 1.5

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

I am so excited to show you the cover for my next novel, Cords of Fate: Lupinski Clan 1.5 (Grams and Mom’s stories) with you! After all, I was inspired by you to write their stories!

So many readers asked, How did Grams and Mom find Andy? What happened after Graham and Abe dragged them out of Walt’s Bar? Grrr, I hate when parts of a story repeat!

I listened, hopefully, answered everyone’s questions, and wrote it in a way that folks who hate it when dialogue repeats are happy and satisfied too! Let me explain!

Cords of Fate is written in three parts. Part One occurs when Andy is driving aimlessly at the beginning of Fate is a Mated Bitch and you hear from both Melanie (Grams) and Samantha (Mom). You’ll find out what their lives have been like without their mates, why they had to rescue her, and how they knew where to find her.

Part Two occurs within the bar. You’ve already read the bar scene from Andy and Walt’s perspectives you may or may not want to again, from either or both Melanie and Samantha’s POV’s. If not, click the link for Part Three.

Part Three begins as everyone leaves the bar. You can choose to read Melanie and Graham’s story or Samantha and Abe’s first. Then go back and read the other. Fun right? I hope so!

Cords of Fate will be available for Pre-Sale on Tuesday, July 25th and will release on August 29th! If you’re interested in an ARC, send me a quick note, and I’ll add you to the list!

A huge thank you to Kaila Ramos for the cover! I love it!

Check in tomorrow to Plank It!


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