August 1, 2014





I am a stay-at-home mom and writer. I grew up in Metro-Detroit and went to college in Adrian, Michigan. After spending more than a decade in Georgia with my husband, two kids, and dogs, we decided it was still too cold and now split our time between the US and Costa Rica.

I have published the first two books in the Daearen Realm series, Meanmna and Bienn-Theine and I am currently writing books: Negative one, the original Spirit Queen and King, Riona and Conrí’s story, two and a half, Sarette’s side or the butterfly farts of Bienn-Theine, and three, Eitlean, Banee-Belle and the Air realm’s story.

Check my blog for teasers, contests, random thoughts, and the work behind the novels and check the pages for when those thoughts and research get organized.

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