The Misfits Analogy

The Misfits include Prideful Wrath: Lupinski Pride 1 (a spinoff of the Lupinski Clan)!

Full Moon’s Fate: A Collection of Lupinski Clan Short Stories & NovellasFateful Wish: Lupinski Clan 4

Be careful of what you wish for… Shifter Edi wanted to move on from the trauma of witnessing her father’s execution, but when her wish is granted, she becomes emotionless and numb to the world around her. That is, until her Alpha declares she will be his mate for the Good of the Clan. Her […]

Forgiving Fate: Lupinski Clan 3

Have you ever known two people made for each other, but they’re forbidden to do anything about it?

Cords of Fate: Lupinski Clan 2

The Cords of Fate pull them together…

Shifter law tears them apart.

Fate is a Mated Bitch: Lupinski Clan 1

One night can change everything…