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Romance author, barbell babe, wife, mom and potty mouth.

A lifelong writer, I have always found writing an outlook for growth and sharing my ideas.


I’ve been working out for nearly two years and this is my journey.

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Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic & Romance
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Emmy Gatrell is a Fantasy & Paranormal Romance writer ranging from Sweet (YA/NA) through four-flame +18.

She grew up Metro-Detroit and went to Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan before moving to Georgia. After spending more than a decade there with her husband, kids, and dogs. Her family realized Georgia was still too cold, and now live in Costa Rica where it's summer all year & our seasons are; kind of dry & a little rainy.

Emmy has published the first three of six novels in the Daearen Realm series; Meanmna, Bienn-Theine, and Eitlean, book four is slated for a 2017 release. Her WIP is a Paranormal Shifter Romance series, The Lupinski Clan that will begin to publish September 2016.

Emmy’s love of her roots and traveling comes out in her writing as I create a new realm of existence with the Daearen Realms an entirely new breed of Shifter with the Lupinski Clan and whatever she comes up with next.

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Life is too short for bullshit, wake up and make the day. Whatever that means to YOU!
Emmy Gatrell
Emmy Gatrell
Author, Mom and Fitness Freak.