Transformation Tuesday… Uh, I mean, Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! I meant to post this yesterday for Transformation Tuesday, but it’s been about six weeks since I’ve posted, so what’s one more day right? The last time I checked in I had just finished a two-week cut with pretty good results. Well, all three of my lean bulk cycles […]

Transformation Tuesday ~ Round Two Lean Bulk Results

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll! I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks. I was sick the first week and last week I was in Atlanta, and my folks drove down to see the kids and me. But I’m back! And the results of my four-week bulk are in!   Not bad for four weeks, […]

Transformation Tuesday ~ Back to Bulking

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll! Sorry for the late post. I have two kids sick and my WIP is flowing, so I’m a bit behind this time. For the last week, I went back to bulking. Not as uncomfortable as the first time. Don’t get me wrong, watching your definition fade away still sucks, but like my […]

Cyclical Lean Bulk results are in…

…and I’m so happy! Happy Tuesday everyone! My first cyclical lean bulk cycle is complete, and it was…a success!!! Yea! I’m up two and a half pounds from when I started, not all of that is muscle, but I am so happy with my results based on the pictures, I don’t care! Truth be told, […]

Time to Cut!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Yea!!! Bulking is done for now! It took four weeks to put on four and a half pounds, one percentage of body fat, and 20cm total. Almost all of that is in my lower body which is fine because I was going for bootie and leg gains during this bulk. I started […]

Three weeks of bulking down…

…and I think one more to go. Happy Tuesday Everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great week! The diet change has gone well! I’ve barely noticed the reduction of carbs, all of my workouts have been crushed, a1nd I’ve had no side effects except for one. It might be working a little too well. Last […]

Two Weeks and Two Pounds

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am two weeks into my cyclical lean bulk, and things are going well! After last week’s one and a half pound weight gain I was a bit worried that I was just retaining water, packing on fat, and not gaining muscle and it made me sad. But this week, I only […]

Transformation Tuesday ~ Bulking makes me sad…

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! I am one week into my cyclical lean bulk, and I’ve already gained a pound and a half toward my four-pound goal. I’m not going to lie and say it’s all flowers and rainbow-farting unicorns. This is hard. Mentally mostly. Sure eating more food is awesome! Watching all my lines disappear within […]