Coach Katie: Persistence, Passion, and Faith!

Good Morning and Happy Titillating Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! Today I have my first Fitness Folks: Back to the Basics Interview (5W’s) with Katie Rich! Katie and I have been Facebook friends for a while and I was so happy she agreed to be interviewed. She’s got one of the best positive outlooks on […]

Baby Step #3 to Become a Fitmom ~ Make Time!!!

  Good Morning and Happy Friday Fitmamas & Fitpapas! We are already to the third baby step to becoming a Fitmom! Let’s see we’ve gone over setting goals and drinking more water. You know what’s coming next! Baby step number three is… You probably noticed I said ‘make time’ and not just ‘exercise.’ Because it’s […]

Monday stuff…

Good Morning and Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people!   First things first, my first newsletter comes out tomorrow. (yea!) I’m giving away something huge just for opening and checking it out. There’s still time to sign up! Click my new freaking sweet logo to sign up!   Don’t forget about my Baby Steps to […]

Transformation Tuesday ~ the Results!

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll beautiful people! For the last twelve weeks, starting at the first of the year, I have been participating in the #250kchallenge on sponsored by Optimum Nutrition! I am very proud of my progress! Although, I wish I had listened to my gut when it came to nutrition. I noticed minor […]

#Fitmom Food ~ Slow Cooker Chicken

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful, productive week! Me, barely keeping my head above water still, but chugging along! Today I’m going to teach you how to cook a whole chicken in your slow cooker. If you’ve never used this method, you’re in for a surprise at how easy […]

Why you should never diet.

  Good morning and happy Friday everyone! Today I want to talk to you about the word ‘diet’. I hate it. It’s probably one of the only four-letter words that I hate… LOL, smh but true. I used to diet; I dieted most of my life in fact. I put myself on my first diet […]

Workout Wednesday ~ Shoulders, Forearms, & Abs Cardio

  Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! I want to take a second before I get into this week’s workout to talk about the importance of listening to your body. Not when it says, “It’s okay to eat a dozen cupcakes.” LOL But when you feel something funky, take it easy before the funky […]

Fitmom Food ~ Marinated Cucumbers

Good Morning & Happy Friday all ya’ll! Another week is done and dusted. How has your week been? My husband was in town, so that made mine awesome, but it’s also been one of those week’s where I’ve gotten all sorts of little things accomplished but nothing big off the list. Speaking of my husband, […]

Transformation Tuesday… Uh, I mean, Workout Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people! I meant to post this yesterday for Transformation Tuesday, but it’s been about six weeks since I’ve posted, so what’s one more day right? The last time I checked in I had just finished a two-week cut with pretty good results. Well, all three of my lean bulk cycles […]

Transformation Tuesday ~ Round Two Lean Bulk Results

Happy Tuesday all ya’ll! I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks. I was sick the first week and last week I was in Atlanta, and my folks drove down to see the kids and me. But I’m back! And the results of my four-week bulk are in!   Not bad for four weeks, […]