I need to drink more.

Happy FitFriday! Last week I talked about the importance of realistic goal setting. I set some of my own; failed, succeeded, and started over. Sometimes its so freaking hard to start, right? But I did, and I’m proud to get back to health finally! I gave myself another new challenge this week and you should […]

Baby Step #8 First Thing’s First: Lemon Water

Happy Friday Fitmamas and Papas! I hope everything is going well for you! What did you think of last week’s post? Happy to say that as of Monday I was able to start watching my diet and working out again. My muscles are sore AF, but my energy, stamina, nutrition, and general well-being is slowly […]

#Fitmom Friday ~ Baby Step #2

Good Morning and Happy Friday all ya’ll beautiful people!   Welcome to week two of Baby Steps to becoming a #fitmom! Last week we covered the importance of realistic goal setting, if you need to catch up click, I want to start being awesomer from the beginning! Are you ready for Baby Step #2? It’s […]