Coach Katie: Persistence, Passion, and Faith!

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Today I have my first Fitness Folks: Back to the Basics Interview (5W’s) with Katie Rich! Katie and I have been Facebook friends for a while and I was so happy she agreed to be interviewed. She’s got one of the best positive outlooks on life and her Facebook Coach Katie Group is filled with great workouts, food, motivation, and laughter.

Meet Coach Katie!!!

  1. Who you are and what do you do?

I’m a Texas girl born and raised!!!  I always knew I wanted to improve others’ lives, but my path started in the public policy arena.  I’ve spent the last ten years working in the public sector.  But I found my true calling several years ago when I started to pursue my career in health and fitness.

For almost four years, I have been teaching core and yoga-based classes in the gym and as a private instructor.  I am a master instructor for Bootie Camp Yoga©, which includes certifying new instructors, mentoring existing instructors, and presenting at national conferences (e.g. Dallas MANIA).

During the last couple of years, I’ve expanded my business (Coach Katie LLC) to include personal training, health and fitness coaching, group yoga sessions, yoga retreats, and special events by partnering with local businesses.

I specialize in body weight training workouts (core, yoga, and aqua), but I also provide interval and weight training to my clients.  I have a very diverse client base, ranging from teenagers to seniors.  Each of my clients has very unique needs, so I have experience working with clients with joint injuries, needing more flexibility, looking for substantial weight loss, needing to increase their endurance, and wanting to start their fitness journey.


  1. When did you start?

I started my fitness career after getting continuous encouragement (borderline nagging) from a group fitness instructor.  He saw a talent I never thought I had.  After at least a year of his reminders, I finally had the courage to pursue my group fitness certification.  Going to my first training was admittedly one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, but it turned out to be the most rewarding.

I received my first program certification almost four years ago and have been teaching the same class schedule since the opening of the gym in Westlake (Austin, TX).  Over the years, I’ve added multiple program certifications from core training to yoga and aqua.  And I plan to continue to stay in a state of continuous learning, so many more are on the way.


  1. Why did you start?

I’ve always had a passion for fitness, but it was more about my journey in the beginning.  After I started teaching group fitness, I realized what an impact I can have on how people look and feel about themselves.  I know that if you change your body, you change your life (mentally, physically, and emotionally)!


  1. What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

There are so many things that keep me going.  I love having the ability to help my clients have a good time even if they aren’t feeling their workout.  It’s such a great sense of accomplishment when we discover that they have lost inches and pounds after their consistent hard work (even in a short amount of time).

I’ve come to realize that it’s about helping someone in every aspect of their life – emotional support, personal development, effective workouts, nutritional support, and a genuine friendship is what keeps them coming back, staying motivated, and seeing results!

And I’m discovering there are no boundaries to where I can take my business.  I’m exploring new options every day, and every new relationship leads to a new opportunity.

My mantra is:  Stay persistent, passionate, and faithful!

This combo will keep me moving forward no matter what.



  1. Where can folks find you?

You can find me online at:

Follow Me On Instagram: @fit_fur_baby_mama

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For more information on my fall yoga retreats, becoming certified in Bootie Camp Yoga©, upcoming special events in Austin, or to book a virtual personal training or yoga session, contact me at

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