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I am so excited to be participating in my first MFRWYA blog hop! Thank you for coming! The topic, how I spent my summer from our main character’s point of view. The first thing I thought was that this would be an assignment given the first week of school. It’s the first week of school in Adrian, MI where my main character Sarette lives and a couple months before Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms begins and the start of her questioning reality. Enjoy!





Sarette Miller
Mrs. Weinberg
Advanced Literature
4 September 2014


I understand the title of this report is telling me to write about summer as a whole, but that would go something like; I hung out with my best friend Mathew when he wasn’t training or serial dating, went to the bookstore, and hung out at home. Since I will fail the only fluff assignment you give for the year by ending the essay now, I’m going to write about the moment I realized I was going crazy.

It was just this past Labor Day weekend. I was the only one home on Sunday afternoon and decided to lay out on what I call a balcony, but it’s just the unrailed rooftop of the porch. My blanket was spread and comfy, I was playing Widespread Panic, reading a new novel, and ended up dozing off.

I had my recurring dream where I walked towards mountains in the distance while wearing a long flowing gown. I started swishing the skirt and spinning, like Sound of Music spinning in the dream and must have been swishing and spinning my blanket in the prone position I was in because I woke up wrapped up like a burrito rolling towards the edge of the roof with nothing between me and death. Remember when I said my balcony wasn’t railed?

I rolled, slid, and screamed; no one was around to hear me. I was facing down and slid half-way over the edge looking at death below me when someone grabbed the blanket. I couldn’t see who it was. I was hanging over the edge and wrapped up in a blanket. I heard loud footsteps running down the driveway. I figured Mathew must have seen my latest klutzy move and was coming to save me. Little by little I was pulled back. Face down inside the blanket, whoever helped dragged me up and spun me, so my head now was towards the house.

They didn’t say anything when they flipped me over a couple of times until I could wiggle out of my self-made burrito. It only took me a second to do so, but they were gone when I did. My window was shut, and a butterfly and dragonfly were sitting on it. I stood and yelled for Mathew. He didn’t answer, so I walked to the edge, and no one was there either. I didn’t see anyone on the block at all, but I know I heard someone running. I was completely alone, and that’s when I decided I was going crazy.




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(Mrs. Weinberg is real and my favorite teacher from high school.)




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