Workout Wednesday ~ Inner Thighs

Good Morning and Happy Workout Wednesday all ya’ll beautiful people!

Today I’m going to share my Leg Day(s) Warmup that doubles as a quick yet effective inner thigh (adductor) and outer thigh (abductor) workout. Below is an awesome technical picture of the adductor muscles from which is such a cool site! Granted, I only understand like every third word when it gets into the super technical stuff but look at the pretty colors! (teeheeheehee)

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There were several years that I did an ab routine, then this, then a little booty workout every weekday morning as soon as I got up, as my coffee was brewing. Nowadays, I use this part as the “perfect” leg day warm up IMO. On leg days I do a quick 30-60 second boxer shuffle into a jog just to get my muscles a little warm… then this workout/warm-up takes the muscles over the edge, BUT on a real ‘big’ planned leg day, I’ll cut this down by half because it truly gets the ball rolling on muscle exhaustion. All right here we go!

Inner thigh workout/warm-up ~ all moves are 10 reps each. It looks like a lot, but I just go into a lot of detail!

Remember! Nothing you do should ever hurt! Do not try to go further than your body can go! If you feel pain stop immediately! Don’t Worry, you’ll improve over time, and the cool thing is, however far you can go, that’s your ultimate workout place! How freaking sweet is that!

Part 1

I love my crappy stick figures.

Start by laying down on your back with your legs straight up in the air.

1.) Point your toes then open your legs, so they resemble a V and bring them back together. That’s one rep, repeat this move 9 more times.
2.) Flex your feet repeat the V’s for 10 reps.
3.) This one is odd but works, you’re doing V’s again but when you’re opening your legs point your toes in (a), when you’re pulling them back together toes out (b) for 10 reps.

Part 2

Roll to one side- you’re going to work with the top leg first. As far as your bottom leg is concerned, especially if you’re new to working out, have it however it’s most comfortable for you. I started with it bent at the knee to be a bit more stable, now I keep it directly below the other, experiment and see what works for you.

More stick figures I made.

4.) Point your top leg, now do little pulses up and down (about 6ish inches max) for 10 reps.
5.) Flex your toes and repeat the little pulses for 10 reps.
6.) Make small circles forward for 10 reps.
7.) Make small circles backward for 10 reps.
8.) Make sure your toes are still pointed and do a large leg raise as far up as you can without feeling any pain. Be careful!

Part 3

Stay where you are but take that top leg and cross it over your bottom one. I always grab my ankle, but you don’t have to. Now do exactly what you did with the top leg with the bottom.

Last set of stick figures… for now!

9.) Point your bottom leg, little pulses up and down (about 4-6ish inches) for 10 reps.
10.) Flex your toes and repeat the little pulses for 10 reps.
11.) Make small circles forward for 10 reps.
12.) Make small circles backward for 10 reps.
13.) Make sure your toes are still pointed and do a large leg raise as far as you can without feeling any pain.

Part 4

Roll over to your other side and repeat parts 2 and 3.

Part 5

Roll back onto your back and repeat part 1.
This is where I would stop if I were using this as my warm up and where I’m going to stop today! Feel free to keep going for another round to really feel the burn! Next week I’ll share the booty portion of this workout, and the week after I’ll get into my killer 100 abs workout!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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