Baby Step #3 to Become a Fitmom ~ Make Time!!!


Good Morning and Happy Friday Fitmamas & Fitpapas!

We are already to the third baby step to becoming a Fitmom! Let’s see we’ve gone over setting goals and drinking more water. You know what’s coming next!

Baby step number three is…

You probably noticed I said ‘make time’ and not just ‘exercise.’ Because it’s not the time to jump head first into some program, the first thing you need to understand are the other reasons (besides the physical) you should make time for exercise. That way your chances of success are much greater. I went about it back-ass-wards back then, trying this and trying that. You can skip all that because I’m going to tell you the optimal time for you to start working out is…


I came to discover, especially having two kids in diapers and a husband that travels for work, that if I didn’t work out BEFORE everyone got up, there was little chance I would find time during the day or would be too exhausted if I did.

It wasn’t until I discovered the mental benefits of exercising that I started appreciating waking up early to do it. It felt damn good and still does, to take time for me. ME!!! Even just five minutes which is where I started, had an enormous impact on my stress levels and how quick I’d be to cry—postpartum hormones… yea!




When you start treating exercise, and all the baby steps like you’ve earned it… because mamas, you have.

Like you deserve to be healthy and happy… because you do.

Like failure is not an option and you are a hop, skip, and a jump (literally when we get to HIIT) away from feeling like the Fitmom you are.

Like you’re doing this for YOU, but always have in the back of your head the kiddos are watching your good example, and that’s just a #truth.

Once you believe all these things, there will be no stopping you!

Your task this week is to wake up a little earlier than usual because I can’t stress enough how easy it is ‘not’ to work out when everyone in your house is chanting ‘MOM’! Get used to waking up early, scheduling your ‘me’ time, and start looking forward to it. If you haven’t worked out in a while aim to get up 10 to 15 minutes earlier depending on how long it takes you to ‘wake’ up; the beginner workout is only five minutes so don’t be scared it’ll be fun.
That’s it for this week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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