Baby Step #8 First Thing’s First: Lemon Water

Happy Friday Fitmamas and Papas!

I hope everything is going well for you! What did you think of last week’s post? Happy to say that as of Monday I was able to start watching my diet and working out again. My muscles are sore AF, but my energy, stamina, nutrition, and general well-being is slowly getting back to where I was! So yea! LOL Enough about me because it’s time to add another daily another habit in your life!
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While there is some debate, even amongst the medical websites and journals I use for the sciency stuff in here, on all the benefits that water and lemon can provide for you, I’ll tell you why I’ve done it for years. It works like a mini-flush or cleanse if drank first thing in the morning and works like a charm!

Here’s the…

Think of your digestive system like a sink and plumbing. When you’ve washed the dishes by hand and then let the water drain, you ever notice the gunk, and stuff stuck around the edges and drain? It takes an effort to clean that up and have a clean sink. Water and lemon do the work for you. Essentially, one cup of the stuff will help clean your stomach, liver, and kidneys of junk that doesn’t need to be there and can cause you future issues.

There’s debate on the right temperature. Personally, I think it works better as hot as I can handle, but I’ve seen it recommended room temp through hot so try it however you want. Half to a whole FRESH squeezed lemon is best. Unfortunately for me, fresh lemons are rarely available in Costa Rica; they’re not widely grown here. So I bring bottled from the states. I have tried different acidic fruits that are readily available, but nothing works like real lemon juice.

Your task for this week is to start drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning every morning.

Directions: As soon as you wake up. Add about and an ounce of lemon juice (fresh or bottled) to a cup of water whatever temperature you like (I’d try hot first) and drink it fast because it’s kind of gross. You may notice some discomfort for a couple of days, you certainly will pee more, but after that, you’ll only notice when you don’t do it for a while.

That’s it for this week!

Have a Wonderful Weekend Fitfam!



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