Full Moon’s Fate: Lupinski Clan Book Four ~ A Collection of Lupinski Clan Short Stories & Novellas

On the first full moon since the abolishment of the Good of the Clan law, the Lupinskis unexpected fates will be decided.

While Andy, Sydney, and Sam nervously await for their dormant magical DNA to awaken and become their true selves, Mel can only watch and wish for the same because of an unbreakable magical bond her mate has with the psycho that tried to kill her.

No one senses the danger lurking from the moonlight until it’s too late. How much magic is required to reveal a hidden Alpha? What’s the cost of an insatiable desire for revenge? Which sacrifices are needed to fulfill a prophecy and save the one you love?

Follow your favorite and new characters from the Lupinski Clan as they go on a journey of mystery, magic, power and sacrifice and become who they were always meant to be.

If you’re a fan of Charlaine Harris, Georgette St. Clair, or Milly Taiden, you’ll love the Lupinski Clan series.

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*Full Moon’s Fate can be read stand-alone.
*Warning: The Lupinski Clan novels are for a mature audience. They include explicit language, sexual situations, and is fated mate series.