Cover Reveal!!!

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! Today we have a cover reveal for Kendall Bailey’s book The Dead Don’t Speak.



 Kendall Bailey was born and raised in Northern Vermont. He now resides in Southwestern Minnesota with his wife and son. Kendall is an entrepreneur, blogger, and social media addict. The Dead Don’t Speak is his 2nd novel. You can find him on Facebook: Follow him on Twitter: And don’t forget to check out his Website!



And the reveal…



Here’s an excerpt:

Simon spit his scotch, his fifth of the day, halfway across the living room when Cassandra Hernandez’s face appeared on his television screen. His eyes searched frantically for information about when she was found. It took a moment for his drunken brain to realize it was an AMBER Alert. That meant they thought she was missing.

So they hadn’t found her.

Simon’s phone rang. He answered, “What?”

“Stay calm…” It was Chris.

“I am looking at it right now.”

“No big deal. I’ll come over and we can talk about it. Try to stay on an even keel. You sound like you’ve been drinking.”

“I am and will continue.”

The line went dead.

Chris arrived half an hour later. Traffic was kind. In that time Simon had consumed another two drinks.

“What do we do?” Simon said to Chris when he let him in.

Chris shrugged, “Nothing. Just a missing girl. Probably met a guy and ran away. There’s nothing to worry about.”

“She was at my show! They will find out that much. If anyone remembers you bringing her backstage, I am dead. Both of us are dead!”

“Please,” Chris scoffed. “People hardly look twice at the skanks I bring to you. You’re overreacting.”

“What if they find her body?” Simon asked.

“Then they perform a murder investigation,” Chris shrugged again. “We wiped her clean and the desert is working on her as we speak. Whatever they find, if anything, will not be the Cassandra Hernandez with the sexy curves and pretty face. It’ll be a rotten sack of half-eaten, dried up meat and bone. We don’t have much to worry about.”



Looks awesome! Can’t wait to read it!

Have an awesome day everybody!


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