Fitness Folks Back-To-Basics Interview – Ed Paris & Savage in Gym

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Today I have an Fitness Folks Back-to-Basics Interview with Ed Paris, founder of the Savage in Gym Fitness Brand.


Who are you, when did you start in fitness, begin thinking of Savage In Gym Fitness Brand, and what exactly is it?

I’m Ed Paris, I started six years ago as an amateur weightlifter I wasn’t necessarily into ‘fitness’ and recently launched Savage in Gym Fitness Brand.

The reason I use the term amateur is that the definition of fitness means the condition of being physically fit and healthy. So physically I appeared looking phenomenal and in great shape but health wise I was an abomination. The amount of processed and unhealthy foods I ate on a daily basis I could have collapsed and perhaps dropped dead. Not only that, the way I was performing at the gym I wasn’t executing the proper form and method correctly. So it’s like I had half of the word Fitness, not just there yet but getting there.

You see that’s the issue, when people are oblivious to the word Fitness, they perform in ways that their minds want them to perform or see others on YouTube Videos that purpose are only to entertain. They do not consider the other half of the word Fitness, which is healthiness. I myself was a victim of that, spending all day long watching these brute of men workout, leaving out suggestion and explanation of the most important part of Fitness, which is healthiness. So with me not having a degree or certificate in this particular field, I had to research on my own.

That also plays a large part in people wanting to take the lazy way out. Not giving the time to research what’s best for them. If you do not involve a healthy diet, you are defeating all purposes of fitness.

So yes, I started at a time of ignorance and lack of knowledge in this category. It’s not until the prior two years from today I began to follow up on educating myself on the entire world of Fitness which brought me to Savage In Gym Fitness Brand.

We are a small starting Fitness Brand, that we have invested into. We do tutorial, commentary exercise videos, workout sessions, we sell Fitness Apparels, Gym Gear. Such as Wrist Wraps, Knee Wraps, Weightlifting Belts, things in that nature. We give suggestions and recommendations on workout routines, and variety of types of exercise that is best suited for you. But our number one goal is to help one another, teach one another and learn from one another. Because the reality is, if one person doesn’t know, another will. So our number one goal is to be there through ones physique transformation. Which is why we decided to categorized it as a fitness brand, because you have bodybuilders, weightlifters, powerlifters, cross fitting all different types of ways to keeping your physique up to shape. So we wanted to advise everyone that we support all fields in fitness. Because initially we were talking of strictly bodybuilding in first, and then we later realized not everyone is into bodybuilding, including my wife. That everyone desires something a little different. Not everyone wants to get on stage to show off their beginning and endings. Right? So we wanted it to be a collision of all varieties of fitness levels.

Why did you start in fitness and why did you start Savage In Gym Fitness Brand?

Ultimately the same reason every man starts working out. To physically appear better, to increase attractiveness, and for respect. Because lets not beat around the bush, the reality is, once you get your physique to the size of intimidation, people treats you entirely different from when you where thin and appeared less of a threat to them, physically. And that’s what led me to amateur weightlifting. I was so dedicated to the fast route out, only to get respect and become more attractive to women, I overlooked the purpose of Fitness. Which is bettering yourself, making yourself feel good inside.

Now what made me start Savage In Gym was that, initially it was a joke reference towards me. That’s the name people called me once they seen me in action, my performance, the way I channeled my dedication into my workout routines. I was like a force of nature, fierce in the gym. So people gave me the nickname SAVAGE ED.” So what I did was use this nick name and applied it to the brand name, because so many people I realized could relate in such ways or could be pushed to that level of becoming fierce in their workout routine. To us the name mean channeling your savageness into a mental zone that allows you to give it your all in a workout session. So you know the name is very unique, it’s intriguing, it draws people interest, and it’s original. I am enjoying helping people in need of a physique transformation.

What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

Wanting to better myself as a better person, physically, spiritually, and healthiness is what motivates me. I would like to believe my interest is what motivates me. That’s what should motivate anyone in pursuit of their goals. The interest that they have for it.

What sets you apart from other brands?

Helping one another, that is our core factor into this. Here’s the thing, rather you are highly educated or not, there is always another person that could teach you something in life. With us, we all come together as one group, rather it’s workout sessions or just simply doing a video. And we feed off one another, support one another, and most importantly teach one another. Our brand is not on a ego mentality, everyone needs a guidance, even us, if you are willing to want the guidance, then we are here. It’s not about money, it’s not about trying to get the most followers on Instagram, it’s not about who looks good on a camera. Ultimately, it’s about being there for one another through your physique transformation. AND YOU KNOW ME PERSONALLY THAT’S THE WAY I LOOK AT LIFE, THE WORLD COULD BE A BETTER PLACE IF ALL HAVE THE MENTALITY OF HELPING ONE ANOTHER THROUGH OBSTACLES.

What advice could you give a person just starting to work out?

The best advice I can give, and you know any true fitness guru will agree with me on this; you must research what is best for you. This is one of the reason we do not do meal plans but give a educational sense of what’s bad and what’s good for the human body. Everyone body reacts a different way, not only of nutrition and foods, but workout routines. So definitely research and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. You won’t find out what is effective if you don’t try it. Like myself, I am right now doing a little experiment on strictly working out with Free Weights and I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now. Have I seen any result yet, no but what I have notice is that my balance have been approving drastically, which you can’t get on a supported machine. So you never know what your experimentation can lead up to. So research and experiment are the two main recommendations I can give anyone that are just starting out into fitness. Another important factor I want to point out is, figure out what category of fitness you want to pursue. Is it, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cardio junkie, crossfitting, weightlifting, or just simply eating healthy on a strict diet. When you have a idea of what you, want then it becomes easier to execute and it becomes a better understanding.

Where can folks find you?

We will be going to Iron Addicts in Sugar Hill California this August. Which is CT-Fletcher gym and one of the most popular gyms on Social Media today. We also going to hit Metro Flex, Muscle Beach, which is another known gym due to Arnold working out there during his Mr.Olympia days. That is as well going to be in August. So defiantly expect many videos, because we will be filming throughout the trip, as well as vlogging on giving our perspective and opinions on visiting these gyms. And really just giving our followers a view from our eyes, because a lot of people are not able to go to California and see these well known gyms that they see on Social Media everyday. So we going to make it a priority to bring our followers the best videos possible on this trip. We are going to be going LIVE on all of our Social Media Platforms. And keep the website updated for all to view, during the trip!

We will be at JD gym July 22nd, at the strongman competition, rooting on a potential Power Lifter that the brand is looking to sponsor in the near future. We will be there for a few hours, observing the surrounding talent and just meeting great dedicated people to the sport.

We have FIT EXPOS coming up in different cities that we will be participating in. You all could go to the website, to view our calendar on dates for the FIT EXPOS. I believe the first one will be located in Chicago. And again, the website is for you all. If you all want to know anything about Savage In Gym, all you have to do is go to the official website.
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