Funday Friday: Pre-order, Sneak Peak, and a Giveaway, oh my!

Happy Friday Everyone!

The final countdown has begun. In two short weeks, Eitlean: Book Three of the Daearen Realms will release and it’s…

Available for Pre-order!

Woo Hoo! It’s been a labor of love getting this one out to you guys, and it took forever to finish, but I am so proud of the result. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to write it is I had horrible writer’s block for months, twice. I had originally started the story chronologically, immediately following the New Year’s Ball in Bienn-Theine. But I realized quickly starting where I did, you didn’t get to know Banee as I do. I adore her and want you to as well, so I needed to change it. Then the writer’s block set in. It took months for the solution to come to me, and once it did, I was off and running, until I realized it still wasn’t enough and round two of writer’s block happened. Last September it all became clear and started Banee’s story the night of the battle for Meanmna.

Here’s a Sneak Peak…


December 20th
“Did you hear that?” I screamed as I ran into my parents’—Sampson and Sarah, rulers of Eitlean and the Air Fey—private rooms in our castle. I half expected them to be sleeping, since it was almost midnight, but they weren’t in their bed. I usually took a moment to appreciate the Bubinga or African Rosewood; they’d had grown special for their “den,” as they called it. It was reddish-brown in color with red and purple veining. Most of the castle had been grown from a large mangrove tree, its bark white in color. Mangrove trees grew in abundance in Daearen, and the castle tree had been fortified to grow particularly strong by Guennola and Murtagh, the first Rulers of the Air Fey, many millions of years ago. My mom said being surrounded by air and white and breeze every day made her crave a dark little refuge for she and my father’s private time. At one point in my life, I would have said, ‘Eww,’ in response. But I was quickly progressing to the age where ‘Aw, that’s sweet,’ became ‘Man, am I jealous.’
“Did you guys just hear AFRAT?” Beathan, my twin, ran into the room.
“A frat?” I turned and looked at him in confusion.
“All Fey Radio All the Time.” His gaze said I should have known.
“You have too much time on your hands.”
“And you never have a good time.”
“Children, please.” Mom walked out of her closet, hooking her weapons belt around her hips. She was beautiful. Tall, curvy, long blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Beathan and I took after her in the looks department. “We can debate too much time versus never having a good time when your father and I get back.”
“Whoa. When you get back?” Beathan laid one hand on his broadsword and his other on his hip. “Spirit Queen Paige just called for every able-bodied fey to fight for the Princess and Daearen. I’m able-bodied.” He was decked out in his fighting gear; I was clad only in yoga pants and a tank top.
“I’d better go change.” I’d taken only two steps before my brother stopped me in my tracks by snickering. I turned and glared at Beathan. “What!?!” I asked, shouting.
“Able-bodied, Sis. What are you going to do? Stand there and look pretty? Fashion them to death?” He started laughing. “No, wait you could—” He stopped when I grabbed a paperweight off the table and threw it at his head. Ducking just in time, his hair ruffled as the weight sailed past him. “What was that for?”





Dark magic has spread, gaining traction throughout Daearen and threatening to destroy the balance within the realm—as well as that of Earth. But all may not be lost…
When Banee-Belle of the Air Fey discovers an ancient clue, one which could lead her to the most powerful spells ever written within the realm, hope returns to her heart. If she can employ her wits to decipher the clue, she will gain the ability to wield magic of unheard of power against the Light Fey’s evil counterparts. But before her quest even begins, Banee learns she must team up with the one fey who broke her heart, leaving her to live an incomplete life—a fey never made whole.
Can Banee push aside her contempt and distrust to complete her most vital mission yet? Will she have the strength to face her own broken heart to prove she is so much more than the pretty princess everyfey assumes her to be—saving her fey in the process? Find out in the next thrilling adventure to restore balance within the Daearen Realms.




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