Here’s what’s up!

Happy Monday all ya’ll beautiful people!

Some of you may know that I’ve been in a creative writing slump, not going to lie, it sucks. HOWEVER, I have been busy working my first newsletter that will be emailed on April 11th!

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Proof that squats have been around forever 😉

If you subscribe, you’ll learn everything that is going on with me first and some cool stuff I currently have going on right now! Claim review copies for all of my novels! Learn about upcoming giveaways! And more!

Not all my creative juices stopped flowing, though! I am on the brink of the Lupinski Clan 1.5 being ready for beta readers. I have the first half of the Daearen Realms Four plotted out. I also have parts of Lupinski Clan 3, 4, and 5 planned. I just need to get in back into the zone… I’d love more betas once I get my ass in gear! If you’re interested, fill out the form below!

But in the meantime…

I’ve been working on a weekly blog series that I am very excited about; Baby Steps to Becoming a #fitmom & #fitfamily that will kick off Friday, April 14th!

I have to give a little thank you to my PA, Julia Summers for helping inspire this project. I was working on a meal plan for her and realized, that is not where I started! That is NOT how I lost 100lbs twice but more importantly became a healthier version of myself.


The two times I lost 100lbs!

It took me years to figure this out, but you will have one small tiny change to make a week. It won’t always be a change; there are recipes to try, starting to and increasing exercise in a sensible way, family meals and activities, there are a couple of things you need to give up, learning how to meal prep for a family, how to fit everything in, etc. Every Friday you’ll get a task to start on Monday. A year of these tiny changes add up to you become a healthier version of you.

I PROMISE there will be no diets and no crazy workouts!

Anyone can follow and start at any time, but I am looking for some folks to track over the next year. You’ll get a weekly email from me with the next baby step and possibly a question or two to answer about the week before. If you’re interested in dedicating to becoming better, talking to me occasionally over the next year, about how you’re doing, please fill out the form below for more information!
I’ll be back tomorrow with my results from the #250kchallenge on With inspiration from several sources, I developed my plan for the challenge. I am thrilled with what I accomplished over the last 12-weeks and can’t wait to share it with you!
I hope you have a wonderful Monday!





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