Making time…



Remember a month ago when I had all these high hopes of doing a 30-day challenge and whatever? Yeah, it so didn’t happen. I did a day, missed the next, did a day, missed the next, gave up which had been my MO for the last six months; I usually did better than a day or two. It was embarrassing, and I let myself down.

But, I finally got my ass back on the horse and my head in the game! The first week was rough! I was so sore! BUT! I felt awesome! Why may you ask? Because no matter what else was happening, I made time for exercise.

In other words, I started taking care of me again.

I love what Robin McGraw says her mother taught her.


That’s so true, right?

I can’t take care of my family, write, or build my online training program to the best of my ability IF I’m not the best I can be. Simple when you think about it. The kids are old enough and on school break so taking this me time was a little easier than it will when homeschool starts back up. Honestly, though, I’ll make it work. Whatever I got to do I’ll do to continue taking care of me.

When I had two kids in diapers and a husband that traveled for work, I realized that if I didn’t work out BEFORE everyone got up, there was little chance I would find time during the day or would be too exhausted if I did. I’ll probably do that when homeschool starts back up.

When you start treating exercise like you earned that time… because you have.

Like you deserve to be healthy and happy… because you do.

Like failure is not an option and you are a hop, skip, and a jump (literally when we get to HIIT) away from feeling like the Fitparent you are.

Like you’re doing this for YOU, but always have in the back of your head the kiddos are watching your good example, and that’s just a #truth.

Once you believe all these things, there will be no stopping you!

Meet Emmy Gatrell

Hi! I’m Emmy, a 42-year-old Stay-At-Home-School-Mom to two teenage boys, nine dogs, and a husband. I write and publish fiction in multiple genres including epic fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, dystopian, speculative fiction, and supernatural horror ranging from young adult through four-flame +18. As you can tell I love all things that go bump in the night ;) I also love food. I’ve published the first five cookbooks of my No Frills Cookbook Series. My first coffee table cookbook TACO FREAKS (52 Recipes and Thoughts about the Best Day of the Week) publishes soon!