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Welcome to my Meet My Character Monday Blog Hop Post!
This week I am going to introduce you to Ray Jones of the Water fey. One-half of the Jones brothers. I’m also going to introduce you to Lake Hasani because things work differently there.




What is the name of your character?
Ray Jones of the Water Fey.

Where does his story start?
We first meet Ray when he and his twin, Mike, meet Sarette and Elwin at the edge of Lake Hasani to take them to their home in Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms. This is that first meeting…


I followed Elwin’s gaze and saw two male fey standing on the water thirty feet out.

“Get your wand out,” Elwin mumbled an incantation as he pulled out his wand.

How about I just do it right? God and Goddess please; I need help. I took a deep breath and we both walked onto the water. Thank you, God and Goddess. When we got close to the fey, I could tell that they were brothers because their features were so similar. Both had curly bleached-blond hair, one wore his shaggy hair to the top of his ears; the other man’s hair reached his chin. Their eyes were the same shape, the one with the shorter hair had dark brown eyes, and the other had bright blue eyes. They were both bare-footed and wore board shorts and swim shirts but in different colors. They were shorter than Elwin’s six-foot-three inches, but with their broad shoulders, thick-strong arms, and strong muscular legs, they looked like a couple of California surfers. When we reached them, they did the heart-fist-bow thing.

“Hi,” I called out, wasting no time with formalities.” Is there an invisible boat or something? You are our ride, right?”

They looked at me, straightened and, in unison, looked at their feet. I followed their gazes downward and saw four giant seahorses below the surface of the lake. Seahorses the size of real horses—only in la-la land.

“You have got to be kidding me,” I said under my breath as the two fey started waving their wands and murmuring something I couldn’t understand. The four of us began to sink underwater. We mounted the seahorses like cowboys mounting their steeds in an old Western. I was holding my breath as my head went underwater. My oxygen was running out, and I started freaking. I looked around nervously to see what I should do. The twins and Elwin were talking and laughing like nothing was unusual.

“Huh?” I exclaimed, and a bubble leaked from my mouth.

One of the twins said, “Breathe normally.”

I can’t breathe underwater; that’s how people drown. My lungs were burning, and I couldn’t see the surface anymore because my vision was starting to get spotty. I was panicking, but I had no choice. Prepared to die, I took a breath and expected water to fill my lungs. But it didn’t. It felt normal, just like breathing air. “How is this possible? I’m underwater, riding on a seahorse. How am I breathing?”

Elwin said, “Princess Sarette of the Spirit Fey, I would like you to meet Ray…” He pointed to the fey with the shorter hair, “…and, Mike Jones of the Water Fey.”

“Jones? That’s not a very fey-sounding name.”

“And what does a fey-sounding name sound like?” Mike asked.

“I have no idea,” I said. “I’m new here.” Mike laughed, and Ray looked a little annoyed. “So how am I able to breathe underwater like a fish? I can see schools of fish over there—how are they breathing air?”

“Everything works differently here than where you’re from. This water is magic. It feels and acts like air to us, but it acts and feels like water to fish. The water magic also provides something akin to gravity. You wouldn’t be able to get off the seahorse and start swimming now. You’d drop and hit the ground with as much force as you would on dry land. The plants are aquatic, so they are sustained. Only the Water Fey can stay here indefinitely. Our bodies adjust automatically, but everyone else needs a Water Fey to spell them so they can stay under water for longer periods. When you are in a building under here, it will be air filled, and everything will be completely normal,” Mike explained.

I watched as a school of a thousand silverfish swam by. “I feel like I’m a Bubble Guppy. Maybe Angela Lansbury is going to fly by on a bed with a knob and a broomstick any second.”

What is the conflict?
Ray thinks he’s in love with his brother’s girl.

What is the personal goal of the character?
You’ll have to read the book for that one.

You can read more of Ray’s story in Meanmna: Book One of the Daearen Realms available now.

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