Meet My Character Monday ~ Banee-Belle

Welcome to the third Meet My Character Monday Blog Hop! I’m going to use snippets again, but this time they will be from my WIP, Eitlean: Book Three of the Daearen Realms.



Warning: By the time this is published, none of this will look the same. Just the way it works.


Getting Ready for the New Year’s Ball and her dress/weapon.

…It wasn’t going to be the traditional masked ball tonight and weapons were a must. My dress was both beautiful and functional in that way. The heart shaped royal blue bodice hid five inch needle- thin spikes within the boning. The faux sleeves attached to the bodice and hung off my shoulders. They looked and felt like white sheer silk, but once I unhooked them from the dress and literally spoke the magic word, the material would constrict on contact with skin and would work like a small net. The voluminous white satin and tulle skirt had several hidden slits in it so I could reach in and pull my spirit dagger or wand if needed. The final piece was my throwing star chain that I fastened around my hips and attached a few more stars to the tail.

I kept my white baneeeyeshair down, long, loose, with a small curl and a flower behind my ear. I could always pull my hair up into a bun with my wand if I got too hot later. The blue bodice of my dress gave my pale white skin a blue sparkle today so I went with it and highlighted my pale blue eyes with more blue. The effect was stunning and going to be utterly wasted on Mick. I knew he was hurting, but it wasn’t as though he was pleasant to me any other time.

How she secretly sees Mick:

One last look and I walked out of my bedroom only to have my breath catch. Mick was so ridiculously good looking, even in his traditional costume. It was almost hard to look at him. He was leaning on the door, eyes on the floor in front of him. Black leather pants with a tie instead of a zipper were molded to his muscular thighs. Black steel-toed boots that were folded down at the top and one of them was back on the door. His arms were crossed which caused his biceps to bulge over his linen royal blue sleeveless tunic that tied the top half together but left half undone, his chest was as sexy as his arms. His curly dark-brown hair looked like he had been running his hands through it and I wanted to do the same. Wait, no I don’t. Light mocha-colored skin, almond-shaped dark brown almost black eyes, dimpled cheeks, and heart-shaped lips that were pressed in a thin line at the moment.

Skip ahead slightly…

“Where is your weapons belt?”
I faced him and put my clutch under my armpit. “My belt is a weapon and I have more.”
Mick leaned on the door again with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. “Are they all accessories?”
I unhooked one of my stars and threw it next to his head. He’s eyes widened when he heard the thump. It was so close he had to lean forward to see it, he looked at the star sticking out of the door an inch from where his head was for a moment and then turned back to me with his jaw dropped.


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