Meet My Character Monday ~ Nessa


Welcome to my Meet My Character Monday post! Today I’m going to introduce you to Nessa of the Fire fey, Mathew’s cousin and George’s sister.


What is the name of your character?
Nessa of the Fire fey
When and where is the story set?
We first meet Nessa in Meanmna. This is Sarette’s first impression of her…

…a girl about my age burst through the trees with what looked like a reusable shopping bag. She had pale skin, dark eyes, and fiery red hair in a spiky pixie haircut. She was running as fast as her small five-foot frame could carry her. She stopped in front of Meghan and doubled over, wheezing.
“Grandma . . . I got dinner . . . wheeze. . . Sorry, I’m late . . . wheeze . . . Did I miss him? . . . cough.” Meghan looked at Elwin and grabbed the shopping bag just as the girl took off running toward him. Without stopping, she punched him in the stomach and said, “Dude! I’ve missed you.” Then she gave him a hug.
Elwin must have expected that because he didn’t even flinch. “Nessa, I would like you to meet Sarette.” Elwin nodded toward me.
She looked me up and down then smiled and said, “So you know my cousin, huh? What’s he like?”
“He’s my best friend. We grew up together. I brought a photo album. You guys want to see it?” Everyone nodded and drew near as I opened my bags.
“Let’s get the official stuff done first. Grab your wand, Sarette.” Nessa pulled her spirit blade and walked over.

What should we know about her?
I’ll let Sarette explain~

After Nessa gifted me with the magic of the Fire Fey, we spent the rest of the evening eating and looking through the album and learning about each other.
At seventeen, Nessa was the most powerful Fire Fey in Daearen, and a genius to boot. The magic in her was a mix of the most potent Fire Fey bloodlines. I instantly liked her.
“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” Elwin said and bumped Nessa’s shoulder with his own. “Don’t let her fool you, Sarette. Nessa is smart as a whip. We all have a core curriculum to complete before moving on in our studies. The fey finish this basic education at age thirteen. Nessa finished it at age six, and she hasn’t stopped taking courses and earning specialties since.” Elwin turned to Nessa and asked, “How many specialties are you up to now?”
Nessa looked at me. “Specialties here are the equivalent of human college degrees where you’re from. I just finished my fourth specialty; I haven’t decided what to do next, though.”
“Geeze, you are only seventeen. Why do you need to decide anything yet?” I asked.
“I just can’t decide on one thing.”
“So do them all and whatever else you want to do, too.”
“A lot of fey think I should have decided by now. They think that I should have stuck to one thing.”
“Who gives a crap what anybody else thinks?” The whole table looked at me. “I’m so over the negative opinion of others. It’ll only bring you down. It is what it is, and you are who you are, right? So who are you, Nessa?”
“A librarian, historian, geographer, geologist, and I’m a pretty decent party planner too.”

What is the main conflict? What messes up her life?
All of Daearen is in conflict, but we learned in Bienn-Theine her older brother, George has turned dark and is actively working against the balance of the realms.


That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nessa! Check back in next week for another Meet My Character Monday Post! If you’re interested in joining next week’s hop click the link below!

Have an awesome week everybody!

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