Meet My Character Monday ~ Will


Welcome to another Meet My Character Monday post! This week I’m going to introduce you to Will, the exiled heir to the Earth fey throne.


What is the name of your character?
Will Sherwood of the Earth Fey

When and where is the story set?
You first meet Will in Meanmna while Sarette is traveling from Brough to Bienn-Theine. This is Sarette’s first impression…

We only had to go about one hundred yards in when the space opened up to reveal a campsite. There was a fire in the middle and I could smell food cooking. A string between two trees held up a heavy canvas tent. It looked like an old school military tent with new school materials. There was an absolute giant of a man braiding the mane of a golden mare; he was not just braiding, but making art. It was beautiful. I wonder, would he do my hair?
“Will?” Elwin called to the man.
“Holy hell!” the guy yelled as he jerked around. “Elwin, sometimes it’s okay to make noise upon approaching. You don’t always need to be in stealth mode. A little warning is not too much to ask.”
Elwin dismounted, laughing, walked over to Will and hugged him. He had the size and look of a professional basketball player: seven feet tall, broad shoulders and muscular frame. He had sage green eyes, a pleasant smile, and dark reddish brown hair the same color as the horse I was riding. Elwin was a big guy, but Will was huge.

What should we know about him?
Will is the rightful heir of the Pozzolana and he is actively gathering supporters to aid him in reclaiming the throne. This is him explaining to Sarette what happened…

“I was the rightful heir of the Earth Fey. My uncle held the throne in trust for me since my birth because my mother died while having me and my father died of grief shortly thereafter. Five years ago, when I was seventeen, I was to be mated on my birthday and would then ascend the throne. The night before my birthday and the ceremony, I was kidnapped from my room.”
“Um, how? You’re huge.”
“I was knocked out from behind. I woke up at Marge and Phillip’s.”
“Why would your enemy take you somewhere safe?”
“I wasn’t kidnapped by the enemy. I was kidnapped by the good guys who knew I would never leave my subjects by choice. They also knew I would never believe what had been overheard, the entire reason why I needed to leave that night—my life was in danger. Cynthia, to whom I was to be mated the next morning, had been overheard saying, ‘It will hurt to kill him, but as long as I become queen it will be worth it.’ Subjects and servants loyal to my family were able to knock me out and get me out of Pozzolana Castle to save my life. They tried to save my aunt as well, but they were too late; she had been drowned in her tub.”
“That’s horrible.”
“I was presumed dead. The throne couldn’t be without a queen. Cynthia and my uncle were mated before dawn, before I even woke up and knew what was happening. I didn’t even want to be king, but it was my duty. I wasn’t in love with Cynthia, but bonding with her was also my duty. If they were doing a half-way decent job, I might have just gone with it, counted it as a blessing in disguise. But Cynthia and my uncle only care about themselves and power. My subjects have done nothing but suffer for the last five years under their reign.”

What is the personal goal of the character?
He wants to reclaim the throne and help restore the balance to the realm.

What is the title and where can we find out more?
Will is in Meanmna, Bienn-Theine, and will be a recurring character in the series. He is one of the MCs in Pozzolana, but I haven’t decided if Pozzolana will be book four or five yet, at the point I am in writing three, Eitlean it could go either way…


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Meet My Character Monday post!

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