Monday Musings ~ A poem!



Good Morning and Happy Monday Musings all ya’ll beautiful people!

I’m going to share something today that I’ve never shared online before… A poem! It’s a little scary sharing this. I haven’t written a poem since I was an angst-ridden teenager. (I need to find my old notebook… I’m pretty sure I was much better back then! LOL)


WOMAN WRITER on Facebook


I am a mom, wife, and friend

I am a WRITER on Facebook


I share online so you can know me

My laughs, thoughts, and wicked sense of humor

I am a WRITER on Facebook


My words, not tempered by traditional ‘acceptable’ gender roles,

My honesty, not an invitation for anything else

I am a WRITER on Facebook


Success comes when you smile at my joke, like a post, buy a book

Success is truly being me without fear

I am a WRITER on Facebook


You are my community, readers, and are my source of power and inspiration

BUT I don’t want your dick pics, to chat about sex, or marry you

Because I am a WOMAN WRITER on Facebook



This poem was inspired from conversations I’ve had with my husband as well as social media posts I’ve seen as well as participated in with other female writers on Facebook and unfortunately, experience firsthand all the time.

When I joined Facebook I wasn’t as picky as I should have been with my friend requests, now I investigate everyone like the FBI. Big mistake back then because I was flooded with creepers, inappropriate conversations, porno, and dick pics.

I’ve heard about several women, some writers, some not, who’ve been put in Facebook jail or kicked off for calling out specific men for sending unsolicited dick pics and various other acts. Those women were bullies in Facebook eyes. Not the guy who if he had flashed a woman in public would be arrested for a misdemeanor indecent exposure, fined, and put on the lifetime sex offender registry.(1)

I am a woman writer on Facebook, an indie author at that, who utilizes the platform to try to make a living at writing eventually. And I guess in Facebook’s eyes some of this was to be expected and tolerated. And that thought, fucking pissed me off, and I wrote a poem about it.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, Facebook’s not responsible for an individual’s actions.

Guys, the only one in charge of you, is you. I hope you get it and just stop it. Seriously, stop.


(1) “8 Things You Didn’t Know About “Indecent Exposure” Charges.” Website. LA Criminal Defense Partners

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